Review: Olay Pro X Advanced Cleaning System


As I mentioned before, I don’t have much of a problematic skin. I like taking care of my skin & have followed the basic 3 step face care since I was a kid – cleanse, tone & moisturize. Add to the fact that I drink tons of water, don’t smoke and make it a point to get at least 8 hours of sleep (not much of a gimikera here. Haha!). I’m not afraid to get old and show my wrinkles since all of us will get old and have wrinkles & I’m actually already showing wrinkles but honestly, my greatest “vanity” accessory is my clear skin. No need for me to hide behind make up or cover ups. I really think having clear skin makes you look like the best you! 

During our Tagaytay trip, I noticed how my cousin’s face was a bit more smooth than before. She’s been struggling with pimples so the change was really obvious. My aunt mentioned it was because she was using Clairsonic facial brush, which is basically this really expensive facial brush which promises to clear your face of blemishes. I’m not a fan of facials and have never done it nor do I plan to go through one in the near future so a facial brush was a good alternative for me to up my skin regime. 

I’ve heard and read about the wonders of brushing your face but never really planned on buying an expensive brush. Good thing when I went to Robinson’s supermarket, I saw this Olay Pro X Advanced Cleaning System (approx. P1500+), which is basically the more affordable version of Clairsonic. But since my sister was in the U.S. at the time, I decided to have her buy it for me there because it was cheaper (only about $20). I also had her buy me a box of spare head brushes too, so you can replace your brushes after a few months of usage.

It comes with batteries, the brush head, the brush itself and a 20ml cleanser. It’s easy to use as you only turn it on with one button while the other button controls the two speeds. I’ve only used the slower speed and it feels fine. I use it once a week – when I’m not using peeling gels – after cleansing and followed by my face masks. I must say and I’m saying this as honestly as I could: right after the first try, I instantly saw my face brighten. No kidding, no bull. I couldn’t stop looking at my face for the whole weekend! There really was a change. Couldn’t believe my skin could get any better (may ganon talaga?). The brush was the only new thing I introduced to my regime so I knew it was the culprit. It’s also relaxing to use since it feels like a mini face massage! 

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to give their facial cleansing regime a face lift (get it?). Between this and peeling gels, I go with the brush because if its instant brightening effect! Best part is that it’s cheaper than facials and readily available here in the Philippines! 


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