Vacationista: Fukuoka, Japan


Spent the weekend in Fukuoka, Japan for a much needed breather! 

Kwentos to follow but here’s a summary of my trip:

Date: 11-14 August 2016 via CebPac (P5187), 3pm departure (from manila), 12mn arrival (in manila)

Added 20kgs baggage for 3pax

Accommodation: via airbnb (P4723 per pax; apartment was for 7pax)

Weather: approx. 30 degrees, summer

Outfit: jeans, shirt or dress with sneakers

Pocket money Budget: $300 (excluding luxury bag)

Mode: super chill mode since traveled with elderly. Hehe! 


Day 1: arrival, walk around the area (dinner at yatai)

Day 2: Kushida Shrine

Tochoji Shrine

Tenjin subway station: for underground mall, Tenjin core mall (with foodcourt), Parco (with foodcourt & supermarket)

Kimono rental dress up

Dinner at shopping strip near house

Day 3: Rakusuien Garden

Canal City (shopping haven)

Mitama Festival (light festival)

Dinner at the original Ichiran

Don Quixote

Day 4: free day! & departure 🙂 


What are your thoughts?

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