Vacationista: Fukuoka Japan AirBnb Review


It was a no brainer for us to stay at an AirBnb for our Japan trip, especially after my raves of our Tokyo trip. It’s convenient, super affordable (P4700 each for 4 nights for a group of 7), you get to stay with the whole group for more bonding moments and you feel like a local! After much research, sister found a perfect place for us from the owner Mi-yu (who gave really good instructions). The apartment was a few minutes’ walk to the train station and other shopping areas, nearby the Hakata Canal itself, walking distance to the tourist sights we wanted to check out and even had a Family Mart at the corner. It was at the quiet part of town with a small park nearby but a few minutes’ walk would bring you to the shopping districts and in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

 Upon arrival, we had to key in the number code for the first gate. There’s an elevator so very convenient for our mom. We were at the second floor and had a small balcony. At the main door, there’s this high tech code system which is black and has no numbers; that is, until you cover it with your hand and suddenly, numbers would appear. You’ll have to quickly key in the code so it would open.

The apartment was spacious and oh-so-complete! We had a total of 5 beds – one for me, mom and ate, one for kuya and his wife and one for aunt and cousin. In fact, the listing said that maximum would be 10 pax in the apartment, which would work because the place was spacious and beds were big! Best part was each bed had two sockets each located at the headboard for convenient charging!
 The toilet and shower area were separate which is great for a big group like ours. Plus, another sink was also available beside the washing machine. I also love how their toilet has a sink on top, which recycles the water to be used in the toilet. How resourceful is that? Why can’t we have that! Haha! And look at the toilet slippers – it’s a kid squatting with his cute lil’ butt. Hehe. Oh, there was even a washer and dryer! Other inclusions were towels, cabinets, clothes rack, extra pillows, hand towels, hair dryer, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, TV, complete utensils and plates, toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and even toothpaste, cotton buds and a razor. Trash bags, detergent and dishwashing soap were also available. Most important is the pocket wifi – very helpful in navigating since you can bring it with you when you go out for the whole duration of yor trip! 

 The only downside I observe with Airbnb’s is that it would take some time for everyone to get ready since we only have one shower and toilet, unlike if we had hotel rooms with separate toilets each. But as long as you wake up early or have a system like wash your hair in the evening to lessen prep time in the morning, it’s manageable. This was our home for the next 3 nights. It’s amazing how AirBNB has changed our life. 



What are your thoughts?

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