Finally found my toiletry bag!


I kid you not when I say that I have been searching near and far for a new toiletry bag. Yes, a toiletry bag. Because my Cebu Pacific pink toiletry bag which I got for free (more like stole it from ate) is already tattered with broken zippers and so I realized I should buy a new one since it’s quite embarrassing to be bringing my super used toiletry bag during my work meetings (though ako lang naman nakakakita). So yes, I’ve been searching for months for a toiletry bag that would “speak” to me. Haha! Weird but that’s how I buy stuff – if I feel that it speaks to me saying ‘Buy Me!’ Like how my LV bag spoke to me in Italy but no bag spoke to me in Tokyo, even if I already allotted some budget for it.

Anyway, there are plenty of toiletry bags but I had to find ‘the one.’ Found a really cute one in Cotton On but the ‘thrifty’ in me couldn’t seem to fathom spending P600 for a bag simply to be filled up with shampoo. I also saw one in SM Department Store but it was oh-so-generic. Finally, I found one bag that I liked in Landmark QC (yes, I went to QC and pushed my way through the MRT just to search for a bag) which had so many pockets and compartments for the win! The size was perfect too because it would hold all of my toiletries good for a week! But I didn’t like the available design (animal print). Unfortunately, they didn’t have the other designs.

On another day, I went to this small mall that I like to frequent and one of the stores – which I’ve dubbed Little Divisoria because they sell dirt cheap stuff there – had the exact same toiletry bag that I liked from Landmark– in a design that I liked! It was also P20 cheaper. Haha!


They actually have a lot of other really cute designs. Never mind the wrong grammar on the label. Haha! 

So yey! Finally happy found my toiletry bag after months (or was it years?) of searching! Can’t wait to use it for my upcoming work-related trip!


What are your thoughts?

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