DIY Hair Coloring


I color my own hair. Because I can and it’s so much cheaper than having it done in a salon. I also don’t like having someone else touch my hair. I don’t even ask for my sister’s help in applying the hair color, hence, I end up with red strands on top then black strands underneath, which I would like to think makes it ombre. Haha! You know how some people love it when the stylist shampoos their hair at the salon? Hate that. So I color my own hair. My usual ammo is the brand Hortaleza because it’s cheap (P250) and the color payoff is good. I just mix the developer and the cream in a plastic bowl then apply using a plastic comb.

Then one day, I saw Cheska, a celebrity in the Philippines, demonstrating how to use L’oreal Excellence Creme. What caught my attention wasn’t the cream itself but the tools she used. She just used a bottle with a comb-like top for easy application. So I told myself: I am going to buy a box of L’oreal Excellence just for that comb-like applicator. So I did and bonus points that it was on sale (Php350)! The L’oreal Excellence color that I bought was brown, for my mom’s use, so I had to buy another in my own hair color. Tried using Hortaleza color treatment and developer but it did not mix well if only shaken in a bottle.

At the time, Kolours was on sale too, buy 1, take 1 at P250 (which by the way, is a pretty good and cheap hair color brand; I always hoard this) so I bought that in my color – Burgundy – and it turns out, they too have a comb-applicator! No need for the plastic bowl and comb anymore, just the bottle with the comb cap. Such an easier way to color my hair by my own! Photo below shows my hair color both ‘indoors’ and under direct sunlight.


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  1. Nice job! Red hair is hard to keep fresh red all the time. When I used to color my hair red, I found a gel I could apply that had small amounts of red dye in it in a shade I liked and I applied that when I styled my hair. This kept the ends fresher looking, if that is your wish.

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