My Ph.Althea.Kr Experience


I’m not really into online shopping anymore. If given a choice, I’d rather go to the shop and feel/check out the item/try it on personally. I like the full shopping experience. But the item I saw in one of the blogs I follow is only available in this website – – a Korean website which ships directly to the Philippines. I tried my best to look for the item – Landmark, my Little Divisoria, SM etc – but to no avail. Saw it in an Instagram seller but with the mark-up and shipping fee, I just decided to buy from Althea. Since you get a (i) P150 discount for first time users and (ii) free shipping (amounting to P250) for combined items with a total of P1500, I decided to go ahead and splurge. I also asked my friend if she’d like to buy something so we could combine our stuff. Here’s what we got:
1. It’s My Cushion Set – This is the only reason I wanted to buy from Althea! Haha! Couldn’t get this locally and since I had some foundation I wanted to turn into a Foundation Cushion, gave in and bought this. This includes the container (P80) which is actually just really the container for the foundations (tip: buy the more expensive set if you want the whole package), puff (P40) and two packs of sponges (P40 each; I didn’t know there were already 2 pieces inside). It’s reusable which is why I wanted this exact item.

2. It’s My Cleansing Foam 150ml (P123) – I admit, I’m a sucker for minimalist (or cute) packaging but I argued, (i) I’ll be needing a facial wash soon and (ii) this is so much cheaper than Pond’s 100ml face wash (P140) since you get 150ml product for a lesser price

3. It’s My Peeling Wash 100ml (P162) – Same reasons as number 2. Haha! I am a convert of peeling gels and this will be a great addition to the ones I’ve already tried out. It’s even more value for money than the Cure Aqua Gel or even the Baby Soft Skin Peeling Gel from SM.

4. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Mist 150ml (P260) – My preferred face mist as of today and since I’ll be using up my old one soon, decided to buy this too since it’s P15 cheaper than in store.  

5. Raspberry Hair Vinegar 500ml (P350) – This caught my attention and upon reading the description, made me want to try it. I have buhaghag and damaged hair so I have no qualms trying new products for my crown.

6. Calmia Cleansing Tissue (P60) – because I will always need make-up removers. Haha. This was actually just a product I threw in my shopping bag to reach the P1,500 needed for the free shipping

7. Glacial Clay Face Mask 100ml (P530) – My friend’s purchase. This is the same friend whom I mentioned is also a fan of face masks. Haha!

Other items that looked interesting but didn’t make the cut are the Selfie Volume Up Base, It’s My Eye Maker, Meringue Foam Maker and Q10 Face Serum. My total was P1,503, which includes the free shipping and P150 off bonus.

I really like Althea’s website. It’s very easy to use, there are tons of products to choose from and more importantly, there are full, funny and super cute descriptions with most of the items. Plus, the package is delivered right at your doorstep with no additional taxes and packaged carefully with a beautiful pink box you can reuse. Start browsing and I’m sure you’ll find something that would tickle your fancy!



What are your thoughts?

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