Sip & Gogh Alabang


My high school barkada planned on having dinner one Saturday and for a change, I suggested we have it in Alabang instead of our usual Makati or LB. Because of that, my other friend suggested we put our creative juices to the test through a painting session at Sip & Gogh Alabang located at Molito (shopping complex).

Based on the available schedules, we decided to book our appointment for the 4-6pm Open Session, followed by dinner at Omakase. We had the whole studio to ourselves!

Open session means you get to choose your own design for your painting, which is perfect because I didn’t want us to have the same paintings, simply because two of my friends – who already tried Sip & Gogh – were actually very artistic. Lugi ako pag nagka-compare! Haha! Kidding aside, it was fun to choose our own designs which would speak to us and reflect our personal preferences. There were so many to choose from! Two of my friends chose their design based on what would look good in their room once they hang it up. I chose mine because it would be a great addition to my ‘portraits’ collection, even though I’m not a huge fan of pink plus it seemed ‘easy’ to do for a beginner like me. This would be my third portrait; the other two were done by my friends.


Once seated, you’ll be given your blank canvass, the colors that you’ll need and while the teacher guides you on what to do first, some cheese and crackers plus your drink of choice (juice, soda, wine) will be served. So you definitely do the sip and paint thing like you’re a real artist. Haha!


Me and my friends would talk and laugh but basically, we were really engrossed in our art. My design is the simplest so I also finished the earliest. You have two hours though so no need to hurry.


My finished product! My friends actually said that my design was “sooo me.” Haha! Does that mean I’m vain because I chose a portrait? Ha! Your masterpiece will then be placed in a pretty paper bag for convenience.


Look at us (who also look like art. Haha!) with our pieces of art with our cool ‘teachers!’ No doubt this is a great experience for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re not artistic (like me) since it’s really an awesome experience. You’ll really feel like a bona fide artist. The staff were nice and the studio was clean and air-conditioned to boot. For only P1,000, not only do you get to keep your art work, nibble on some cheese, and sip some drink, but you’ll also have a fun bonding experience! 

Check out their site for more details since they also have sessions for couples and art work for kids.


What are your thoughts?

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