Blessed: Kind words from an old friend


A former colleague from Channel 2 suddenly invited me for lunch since she was around my area. We talked over our pork and chicken curry rice, shared about our lives and laughed. As we were going home, she told me how I was always nice and kind to her; how there was something about me that was different in our then world of harsh and dog-eat-dog world. She told me that I was always happy and smiling and how this served as my testimony as a Christian.
This completely caught me by surprise and I explained to her it was because during that time, I had some struggles in terms of my walk with God. I mean, I wasn’t even going to a Bible Study Group during that time, I wasn’t spending time with God and I was living a worldly life (more worldly as compared today). I explained that I am now in a better place, ever since I recommitted my life to Him 5 years ago.

But it was a pleasant surprise for me and I’m really glad she told me. I’m happy that somehow I was able to be positive around her and maybe even show her what an awesome life with God could be (she is now an amazing leader in CCF!), even though in my head, I wasn’t exactly an ok Christian then.

Thanks G for your kind words! It really made my day. Reminded me that I should always be sincerely kind and even aim to be a positive-influencer to the people around me (because a smile will always be better than a frown =)


What are your thoughts?

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