New found love in Uniqlo


Kikay alert and TMI!

I’ve never given Uniqlo that much thought. I mean, I always found the clothes a tad bit expensive for my budget and since I’m not much of a splurger when it comes to outfits, I don’t usually visit their store. But my relatives were all praise for this brand so at the back of my head was the idea that I should check it out. Someday.

That day came last week. Don’t you just love it when things work out for the best? Basically, I found what I needed in a brand that boasted of high quality at a discounted price. I was in need of some innerwear and after checking my go-to brand – Wacoal (and Marks & Spencer for the bottoms because their seamless undies are really awesome!) – I couldn’t find any that suited my taste. For my ‘panloob’ spaghetti strap tank tops, I decided to wait for my upcoming Bangkok trip. Little did I know that Uniqlo has a wide range of awesome innerwear too! Too bad I didn’t check their innerwear collection when I went to Japan (I was too focused on finding The Bag) and just bought the body shaper. I tried on their bra and it was oh-so-perfect! Felt like butter on my skin! For the price tag of P990, it wasn’t so bad since it was along Wacoal’s range but the tipid-shopper in me thought that maybe I should wait awhile? Good thing I did because a few days after, I went back and found the same type of bra for only P590, in my size! It’s wireless (can I hear a yahoo from the ladies?), the band doesn’t hurt the skin, and it’s seamless with the softest yet durable material you could think of which still retains the cup shape. Sure the color was bright pink (haha!) even though I really wanted the deep wine maroon and dark forest green ones that weren’t on sale but hey, maybe I should spruce it up once in a while? Not only that, I also discovered their P190 Airism inner tops, perfect as ‘panloob’ for blouses and dresses! They had so many designs and colors to choose from, I really had a hard time to decide. But the practical in me decided to buy only those which I knew I would need: a nude and a black one. You might be thinking ang kapal ng face mo that I got the small black innerwear, which was the last piece. Here’s the thing: the material stretches but is still super comfortable! I could practically buy any size and it would still be fine! The nude one I got was in large and it was comfy too.


I knew these items were really good buys – great quality, very comfy and wonderful fit – so I went back again, this time to another branch and found another bra on sale in my size – very pretty soft lace in purple-blueish color. In love!

I still planned on buying the dark violet ‘panloob’ so I went back to Uniqlo Megamall and discovered they had a whole new collection of bras on sale! This time, the bras had no hook behind it but it was still made of the same super soft, comfy, and superb quality material. Colors were light pink, hot pink, mint green and bright green (P590 each). I went with the light pink which was the closest to nude. This was super perfect because I was looking for a bra that would go well with my backless tops – meaning I needed a bra that didn’t look like a bra. And with the no-hook feature of this new bra, it wouldn’t look obscene or tacky when I wear it with my backless shirts. Score!


I honestly had to consciously stop myself from buying all the items in different colors that had my size. Haha! I’m not much of a hoarder but these are really a great addition to my everyday needed basic items! Definitely adding Uniqlo in my list of favorite brands from now on.



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