If you can’t buy ‘em, make ‘em


My DIY BB Cushion. This was actually the main reason why I tried ph.alther.kr and it also cemented my belief that I could never be a beauty blogger. Haha! Look at my messy, walang-ka-art-art lay-out. BB Creams are quite expensive. When I saw this DIY BB Cushion Set, I figured I’ll just make my own BB cushion. Since I had some BB cream that was too light for my face, I tried concocting my own personalized BB cushion by adding some darker foundation to the BB cream. Added some aloe vera as suggested by some bloggers but it didn’t work for me. VCO was the key in making my cream more liquid-y for easier absorption by the sponge. Probably not as good as ‘professional’ store bought creams but still, a DIY BB Cushion success!

Another DIY that I did was my pearl watch. I’ve been eyeing this particular pearl watch from Swatch (photo from net) then upon checking it out at the store, found out it was just a simple nylon strand with beads. So I decided instead of splurging on a store-bought watch, why not create my own? I had an old watch head that I didn’t use anymore, bought some nylon and pearl beads from our local craft store and voila! My very own pearl watch, which I love because I’m a fan of watches that look like bracelets.


The practical in me will always try to look for the cheaper but ‘same quality’ product but if I can’t or if that doesn’t work, then I’ll try to create my own. Same results, only more affordable and with a splash of fun =)


What are your thoughts?

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