4 Gadgets for the non-techy


I am a certified loser when it comes to new technology and anything related to technology for that matter. I couldn’t be an IT support personnel for the life of me. I remember one time my brother proudly showed me his Samsung something-something phone and I was like, “Oh, nice.” I think he was expecting I’d throw fireworks and confetti at him and jump for joy. He then proceeded to explain what it was and I repeatedly murmured “Uh huh” while watching cartoons.

Now that I’ve established I’m a non-techy person, let me share 4 gadgets worth any non-techy person’s while, based on my experience. For the sake of this post, I have defined gadgets as “devices” or “tools” that can be used to make your life better.

1. OMNI Universal Adapter. Might not seem like a gadget but this is super handy when traveling. It can be stored easily and comes with different plugs for different countries. Affordable too at P199.75 and found at ACE Hardware. I also have the apple travel charger, which is super handy too.

2. Powerbank/Speaker or Mophie Power Bank Phone Case. See, I don’t even know what those are called! Haha! Seriously though, if you want a 3-in-1 gadget, the first item below will serve your purpose as it is a powerbank, a speaker and a phone standee. This might not work though for heavy phone users. But for me, the Mophie Power Bank Phone Case is so convenient because I can still use my phone as is without any cables getting in the way or without lugging around some heavy power bank. Note that I am not a heavy phone user – even when traveling – so this is perfect because one complete charge of the power bank equals one full charge of my Iphone. Personalized it with some underwater stickers. Hihi.

3. Flashlight and Radio in one. When media started telling us to prepare for a big earthquake and that we should have an emergency bag, I hunted for a handy flashlight. Good thing I saw this because not only is it rechargeable, it also has an AM/FM radio, perfect to listen to news when needed. Available in Ace Hardware for P100, I think.

4. Portable DVD Player. When I first saw my brother bring his portable DVD player to my other brother’s condo, I was like, how corny. That is, until I experienced how fun and convenient it was! I’m not a couch potato in my city home – because I don’t have a TV – but sometimes I find myself wanting to watch a certain TV series or movie. This is the next best thing because it’s small, convenient to use, durable and affordable at P1300 (with warranty pa! Bought at a tiangge). Bonus points that it can also turn into a gaming console just by plugging in the controller and using the CD filled with 1000++ games including the classics Mario Brothers and Galaxy Ships.


I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative products that do the job without burning a hole in your pocket. These four definitely make the cut!


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