Review: Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel


After almost 3 years since my last visit to Thailand, work has brought me back to one of my favorite South East Asian cities – Bangkok! Whenever my friends would invite me to go to Bangkok, I’d tell them I wanted to go somewhere else since I’ve been there three times already for vacation. But this business trip reminded me of how amazing Thailand can be – from the food to the people to the culture and definitely to the shopping!


Our accommodation and meeting venue was in Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. I had a bit of waiting time during check in so I snapped away at the hotel lobby. Everything was gorgeous! They were so detail oriented. Everywhere I went, flowers were fresh which gave the whole hotel a refreshing and luxurious feel. No plastic flower décor here. They even included grapes – real grapes because my colleague tasted it, haha! – in their bouquets and center pieces.


The ceilings were also gorgeously decorated as well as some walls.

I also went to the mini shopping gallery where the breakfast restaurant was located. In the middle was a lovely mini garden with a pond full of fat kois, complete with a mini bridge. So pretty and relaxing.


To be honest, I don’t know if my room was upgraded from Deluxe (which usually happens to me in my past events) because the room was so nice! Since it was so gorgeous, I would think that it was their Executive room and not Deluxe. I didn’t visit my other colleagues’ rooms so I wasn’t able to compare but if ever it was Deluxe, it was already such a wonderful room. For info, their published rates for Deluxe start at $175 per night with breakfast.


The room was large and had all the works – huge windows, a plush bed and fluffy pillows, clean and spacious toilet, enough storage cabinets. Yey for using bottled water (non plastic)! Similar to Kota Kinabalu’s Shangri-La.

One of the things they did offer that other hotels did not have was the handheld smart phone that you could use outside of the hotel – complete with wifi connection and even free calls to select countries. How awesome was that? Didn’t use that though for fear of losing it and paying $250. Haha! But my bosses were all praise for it since it’s very handy and useful, especially if you don’t have a local sim. The only other hotel that has that handy phone is another branch of Anantara.

Their breakfast spread was pretty impressive. It had a combination of western and Asian cuisine. Below are all the breakfast food I ate in a span of 4 days. Don’t judge. Haha!


If I would go back to Bangkok and wanted to splurge on accommodations, this would be a great choice for me. All in all, the staff were so nice, efficient and accommodating, location was great and the hotel was so luxurious! Such a wonderful hotel indeed!


What are your thoughts?

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