Vacationista: What to do near Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel


As this was a work-related trip, and my fourth time to visit the country, I didn’t exactly go to any tourist attraction. It crossed my mind to extend my stay and take a domestic flight to Chiang Rai on my own account and visit this temple that’s on my bucket list but since I’m saving all my work leaves for this big December vacay I’ve got planned, I decided against extending my trip. I also did not plan on spending all of my work allowance because I had already ‘budgeted’ it as payment for my previous Japan bag-shopping.

But of course, pag gusto, may paraan and so every time we’d finish our work, I’d go out of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel and just walk around the nearby places. As I shared before, I just enjoy the feeling of being in a foreign country. My mini ‘what did I do’ list in Bangkok, Thailand includes:

These sort of small temples. The first temple I saw was located in the corner which was bombed two years ago so I guess the temple/ shrine there was in memory of those who died during that fatal night. A lot of people lighted candles and prayed. There was even a small group of women and musicians playing a song and singing.


Right outside Central World were two other temples, where locals would also say a prayer and leave gifts at the shrine.


Money Exchange at Central World. I did not plan on roaming the halls of any mall in Bangkok – because hel-lo, why go to a mall when all of the great and cheap stuff are in the streets – except to exchange money. Compared to the airport currency exchange, the one in Central World had better rates.

Mini night market. Right outside Central World Shopping Center were a lot of stalls selling a whole lot of stuff, from shoes to clothes to food. Take your pick! I went gaga! Ok, that’s an exaggeration but I did love the feeling of being in a night market – with all the hustle and bustle and the idea that you might find a gem for a dirt cheap price. Bangkok is full of mini night markets. You’ll probably find one near your street! I didn’t buy a ton of stuff but I did buy some meals and clothes there (will make a separate post on all the things I bought).

Big C Supermarket. Located right across Central World, this is another awesome shopping center to visit. If you don’t have time to visit the Chatuchak Market, this is the next best thing, combined with the night market outside. It has clothes to food to souvenir items. As I always include grocery stores in any itinerary I have whenever I visit any country, I was pretty psyched that this was so near our hotel and that they were open until 12 midnight (perfect for visiting after our work meetings).

Chatuchak Market. I was blessed that I arrived in Bangkok on a weekend and grateful that I had the opportunity to quickly visit one of the most amazing shopping centers in the world! This is a must visit for any first timer in Bangkok! Make sure you include it in your agenda as they are only open on weekends. From the hotel, it’s two train rides away. Just go down on Mo Chit station.

I’m so grateful I was able to visit this amazing city again. It didn’t matter that I was there on business but the mere fact that I was able to eat their scrumptious food, meet kind locals and shop super cheap yet nice items, made my short stay in Bangkok a really awesome one.


What are your thoughts?

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