Review: Apricot OTG


For a non-techy person like me, I am all praise for my newest tiny discovery: The Apricot OTG. I realized I desperately needed extra storage when one night in Bangkok, I wanted to take a photo of the scrumptious barbeque that I tried in the streets. I even bought two so I would have some time to snap the photo. But then, my dreaded 16GB iphone suddenly alerted me: No More Space Available. 

That’s the exact moment I knew I needed some sort of device that would give me extra storage but would be convenient and handy to use and not to mention, affordable. Buying a new iphone with a bigger storage was not an option. So aside from doing this weird but effective tip to free up more storage, here enters the Apricot OTG, which has been circulating in social media. Bought mine from Kimstore at Php1299 for the 32GB. They also have the 16GB option for Php999 but since the price difference was minimal, decided to get the bigger storage, especially since I’ll be having a big trip on December. To compare, I went to CDR King and their version of the device, simply called iConnect, was twice the price at Php2300! While I saw the same Apricot OTG – same packaging and all – at theGlobe store for P1690! So definitely Apricot OTG was the clear choice for me. Besides, Kimstore is a respected techy dealer so I knew I’d get a great product.


The Apricot OTG comes in a box, which upon payment, Kimstore staff will demo on how to use it. If that’s not enough, there’s also a PDF manual saved in the USB. But it’s pretty easy to use, even for a non-techy like me. Kimstore also has 6 months warranty for the device. Tip: Save on shipping fee by choosing their meet-up option so you just pay the cost of the item. No other extra fees.


As long as your phone has a lightning port, you’re good to go. It also worked with my iOS 9, since I don’t really like upgrading my phone’s system. You might be thinking that it’s an unnecessary expense since we could easily just transfer the photos via cable to the laptop then delete the photos in the phone to free up some space. The great thing about this Apricot OTG is that it’s just plug-and-play. 

This means, after downloading the free iUSB app, you simply plug the device, access iUSB, copy your photos to the USB then immediately delete photos in your phone, instantly freeing up your phone’s space. Then later on, you could just transfer your photos from the USB to your laptop. No need to use your messy cables and bring your heavy laptop every single time. You can use it anywhere, anytime. So great, noh? Transferring photos from USB to phone is easy too, just copy-paste. Plus factors are that you can also save, listen and watch movies and music in it and create folders and even subfolders within the device for easy reference.

I love its sleek, tiny design. Such a small device which packs a lot of wow. Highly recommended for those who need extra storage for their phones, without wanting to upgrade to a new one or shell out too much.

Update: I finally saved some movies and it can read both .avi and .mp4

Update as of 26 Jan: After 4 months of usage, heavily during Dec and  movie watching almost every night this Jan, my Apricot OTG still works fine. If you have problems with yours, I suggest you please inquire from the shop you bought it from especially if still under warranty


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  1. Hi what companion app did you download? I also bought the Apricot OYG from kimstore but I don’t know how to get the free companion app they’re referring to or the app to be downloaded. Thank you!

  2. hi, i also bought mine and im using it to watch american series stored in my apricot OTG. it’s awesome but i can’t play it with subtitle even if i renamed them (the movie and the file) with just the same filename. also the “subtitle” beside the screen doesn’t help because it doesn’t show any .srt file to chose from. can you help me with this?

    • Hi! Unfortunately not sure how to trouble shoot that. Id recommend you directly contact kimstore. Their staff easily replies & they would be in the best position to answer. Good luck!

  3. Hi! Would you know what to do when the app says that the iUSB isn’t connected under the “iUSB” tab? The Apricot works fine as a USB.

    • Hello. First download mo muna ung iUSB app then plug and play lang. Automatic mag open ung app. Tapos punta ka lang sa iphone tab, choose photos you want to copy, go to iUSB tab then paste mo lang dun. Pwede din gumawa ng folders through iUSB

  4. apricot is not being read by pc or mac. help.

    iphone and ipad can read the apricot and can transfer files but when i plug it to pc/laptop/mac, it does not show up.

  5. apricot not being read by PC/mac/laptop/surface. is mine defective? help

    should be plug and play but it does not show up in any device when i plug it in a pc/laptop/mac.

    it is being read by iphones and ipads and can transfer files but cannot connect to pc/mac

  6. I’m having a prob with mine…it crashes when I copy many pics at once! And Kimstore sucks at attending my concern! Ang tagal pa nila mag-reply like you would think na parang scammer sila. If you don’t want to get headache sa pagfofollow-up at mastress sa kabagalan nila magreply, don’t buy yours at Kimstore. Hindi sa sinisiraan ko pero I’m just concerned sa future buyers nila.

  7. Can you access files copied from the computer into the apricot OTG using the iUSB app?

    I am using ios10.2, my iphone 7 plus cannot read any picture or movie copied from my computer. I tried all kinds of files like JPEG, MP3, AVI and MP4, but when viewed through my phone, a .XML file extension is being added in their file names. Hope you can help.

    • That’s weird because you are definitely supposed to be able to access files from computer to OTG. Especially jpeg and avi. Maybe it’s a defect? It should work kasi

  8. Hi the first time i use my otg naka copy ako ng files from my iphone on my 2nd time pag nag try ako mag copy ng multiple photos only 1 or 2 photos lang ang nasave and when u open the iusb app it says no files detected. I try to delete the app and download again but the problem is the same. I even tried using mu kids ipads but the problem is still the same. I’ve read the revies in iusb pro app and all reviewsa have the same problem. Anyone na naka experience ng ganito and was able to fix it? Please help. Tnx

  9. im planning to buy that OTG , ok din ba sya for transferring music, ? i mean if i have songs saved in my laptop , will it be xfered w/o using itunes just using the OTG?

  10. I just rcvd mine today from kimstore via COD and it’s not working, the app won’t detect the device… so disappointed!

    • Oh no! If COD, didnt the person check first and show to you? Since you just bought it, it should be under warranty. Pls return to them and they should give you a new one. Mine still works great until today

    • Hi, may I know your device and its iOS version? Have you tried on another iPhone? Coz I think, there’s a patch with the newest iOS version that disables the feature of the iPhone to read the OTG coz based on my experience, my iOS version was 10 and when I upgraded to 11, it doesn’t work anymore, I even tried to reformat my phone but nothing works. I contacted Kimstore but I got no response (I guess Kimstore really sucks on technical support “Sorry Kimstore”) Btw, i’m using 6s iOS 11.0

      If anyone here has a fix on this kind of issue. Kindly let us know. Cheers!

  11. i bought a 32GB apricot otg from kimstore as well. my laptop is not working so i thought pwede kong magamit na pandownload yung phone ko then ikoconnect ko na lang sa samsung tv para makapanood ako kaso di siya maread. nariread naman ng tv ko yung ibang flash drives and external hard drives ko.

    • And weird naman. Sakin gumagana siya sa laptop (both mac and fujitsu) as well as sa TV (na open ko pics ko dun). Pls ask kimstore and they should replace it if under warranty

    • No need to “officially” unplug/eject since it is just plug and play. But what i do is delete the app from background (by swiping the app up), then unplug the otg

  12. Mine is dead already after more than just a month of use. At first it was working fine and I also felt the same way like you do that i am a lucky man for having this. But when I decided to transfer my files (worth 5GB of data) to my pc (Win7) I noticed its slow transfer rate and when I connected it again to my iphone it started encountering problem such as during copying it will got disconnected unnoticeably and when you reconnect partial files only is completed and sometimes copied files were corrupted. I tried to format it (diskpart/low level/3rd party) with fat32 (factory filesystem) and tried out also many techie workaround just to save the drive but all of them failed me. Error encountered was device I/O error. Unfortunately, bought this from an online reseller that cannot be found by now. Also searched the net for support but this has no website or what so ever legit information you could rely on. Maybe natapat lang sa akin, pero lesson learned na, if you want your precious files to be secured without worrying its reliability, I would suggest to buy next time from a known hardware manufacturer with tech support. I would not recommend this product.

  13. nagpplay ba ng mp4 na files ung app ng apricot? anu anu po mga video format ang pwede iplay directly from the apricot app? salamat

  14. hi may problema ako sa iusb. sobrang bagal na kasi mag save so I try to format it.
    Pero lalo na siya bumagal at hindi na ma lagyan ng file pano ko i reresolve ?

  15. Hi nabili ko yung akin this month lang however pagtransfer ko ng movies nagappear siya sa una then sa next na gamit ko nawawala yung folder and files. What’s the problem kaya?

  16. hi po, how do you safely remove it pag naka-plug sa fone? or safe naman kung unplug lang?! thank you po saresponse!

    • Yup according to the Kimstore staff, safe to unplug lang since thats how it is created. Pero ako, i prefer to take the app out from background (by swiping iUSB upward para mawala siya sa background) before unplugging

  17. Hi. How come all of a sudden my Apricot OTG doesn’t work na? Sira na ba yun agad? 2 weeks pa lang ito sa akin. Pls help me on what will I do? Thanks

    • Hi! Kung naka warranty ka pa, ibalik mo sa pinagbilhan mo. If not, try to reformat/ delete all files muna/ and download the app again just to check. Hope it works

  18. Iusb pro has some bugs, it does not detect all photos from my iphone 6plus! It does not detect media library? Apps section : i see only in box folder nothing is there!

    • Hi del! Thats so weird. Mine detects all the photos that I have in my iPhone 5s. Maybe because yours is a higher model? But still it should work with all iphones since that’s what they said, no matter the model.

    • Weird! So far for my iphone 5s, lahat ng pics nadedetect. Dapat actually walang problema talaga since it should be ok for all iphones with lightning hub

  19. Same problem po sakin yung una nagwowork pero yung 2nd month na wala na hindi nako makatransfer na files sa kimstore ko nabili yung sakin badtrip sayang pera 😦

  20. hi! i would just like to ask if the OTG can be directly plunged in to the laptop even if the laptop is not apple ? thanks!

  21. Hi! I would just like to ask if the OTG can be directly plugged in a laptop even if the laptop is not apple (ex, asus or lenovo) thank you!

  22. I just purchased this one from technopop na kiosk ng kimstore sa robinsons place manila. It says i should format the disk to FAT32. A friend of mine purchased the same thing pro ready to use na ung sa knya and no need to format. Defective kaya ung nabili ko? Too bad ndi ko napa-test bago ko nabili kse i was in a hurry.

    • Ay sayang nga, sana napatest mo. Kasi yung akin, like your friend’s, ready to use na. No need to format or anything. As in plug and play na. Hope magamit mo pa din yung sayo

      • I think defective tlga kse after ko i-format, na-copy ko ung ibang pics pro ung mga videos ayaw ma-play at nagha-hang ung app. Lesson learned tlga. Dpat ipa-test muna bago bilhin.

  23. I bought apricot OTG, on my first try on my iPhone it prompt me to set by visiting appstore. since I don’t have internet connection, I cancelled it. When I finally have net connection, the message that appear on the first time I plug it did not appear. I try to restart my phone and plug again the OTG but it not working. what should I do?

    • In OTG tab, click edit on right top then choose the photo to copy, then click action on bottom left, then click camera roll. Photo will be transferred

  24. also had problems on this.. at first akala ko virus lang so i reformatted it.. but then wala pala and it always say file is corrupted kahit na hindi naman.. can i ask if pwede ka po mag send ng link kung san makukuha yun original na laman ng apricot otg as in nung bago mo po siya gamitin or pwede po iupload mo po yun mga yun? may itatry lang po sana ako and sana eh gumana pa.. thanks in advance..

  25. so upon my reaserch if you get this error “error 0x80071ac3” there is still a way pero i havent tried it.. i got this error so sana gumana yun method.. search nyo na lang “how to fix error 0x80071ac3” hope it would help.. naka admin kasi yun computer sa office so hindi ko ma try hanap pa ako pc or laptop kasi wala ako nun and wala pa time sana gumana..

  26. hello mga sir, nag transfer ako ng movie sa apricot, after that pinasokmko sya sa ipad air ko, na detect naman ng ipad air ko ang apricot pati yung movie file, kaso ayaw mag play ng movie, ano po ang gagawin ko? okay naman angbusb, nakapagtransfer naman ako ng mga pictures from ipad to usb, hindi naman sya nag cocorupt, ayaw lang nya mag play ng movie. please help me, thank you

  27. hi! have you ever encountered the error that the usb lightning is not compatible? mine has been working well until I encountered this problem recently.

  28. Hi. What about the safely remove feature? Do I have to safely remove the OTG somewhere? Also got mine and I wonder how to safely remove it, if possible. I tried to check the storage at the settings, but there is none. Thanks!

    • Hi Sherlyn, actually there is jo safely remove feature as it is plug-and-play. However, once done with the Otg, I swipe the iUSB app up on the screen (so it’s not being used in the background) then unplug it. But that’s just me and not necessarily a safety feature

  29. Hi Jilapis, thanks for you review. May I ask, have you ever tried playing .MKV file movie on the apricot?

  30. Hi. I bought mine from Kimstore. And I have no idea how to use it. How do you move/copy documents and apps to the OTG iflashdrive? I’ll wait for your response. Thank You

    • Hi Kristine! It’s plug and play. From your phone, copy and paste your photos/movies by clicking select/edit then go to Otg Tab, create a folder and paste. Remember, you must first download iUSB app so it would work

  31. Have you tried transferring photos back from usb to iphone? If yes, will it still be stored in the camera roll or you need to create another folder? Thanks.

  32. Please help! Anyone knows here how to fix my apricot otg hindi na po nag re read yung usb sa iusb app Sa iphone at ipad ko it will show “iusb not connected” please help nka store duon ang important photos ko at ngayon hindi ko na ma retrieve😭 Tinry na namin sa laptop hindi rin xa nag read. Andami ko na sinearch sa google wala kami makitang solution. Okay pa xa last saturday andami ko pictures na tinransfer including our anniversary photos taken last saturday lang then when i was about to upload it back to my fone to post it in fb hindi na xa nag read. Please help! Bought it from kimstore last May.😭😭😭😭

  33. Hi. My apricot otg intermittently doesn’t recognized by my iphone 6s. Recently it is consistent. It would say “not connected”. I tried switching off my phone. I checked the app updates, no update needed naman. Can you help me on this?

  34. How to recover deleted or corrupted file in Apricot OTG? All my previous files were deleted and i don’t know when and how it happened. I need a legit way on how to recover my files.

  35. happy new yr. i would like to ask some questions, i bought this item from an online store at first it wast fully functioning, but little did i know it has a down side, after few weeks had been passed the item is not working anymore, it cannot be detected even i update my phone to the newest version, still no progress, do you or somehow perhaps by any chance know how to solve this kind of issue, because i have been calling the store and not responding any of my complain.

  36. Hi! Just want to ask po, ano po kayang possible na problema,My brother in law gave me one of this. But when I tried, mag pa pop up yung “iUSB wants to connect with APRICOT OTG” then I pressed Allow. Pero kapag nag proceed na siya dun sa app. Wala naman, hindi naman mabasa yung OTG. Actually binalik na niya to dun sa store na binilhan niya, pinalitan na. Pero ganun pa rin yung resulta, paano po yun? And take note, hindi rin po siya binabasa sa pc. Help please!

    • It’s actually plug and play so you can just pull it out after, tho what i do as an additional step is swipe the iusb app up the pull it out. So far, my apricot still works

  37. Hi! does it affect my files on my iPhone (e.g. photos, videos and ebooks) if I just want to play videos from the OTG and not transfer my files saved on my iPhone

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