Matcha-kind of Tuesday


I will never get tired of going to the grocery store, even just to look. But sometimes it frustrates me how limited our grocery selection is compared to other supermarkets abroad. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised when I finally saw the mailap (hard to find) Rebisco Hansel Limited Edition Premium Matcha Green Tea Biscuits (P37). What a mouthful. I saw this in my FB feed and vowed to scour the grocery stores of the Philippines just to taste one till the day I die (OK, OA na). Finally found it in Robinson’s Supermarket. And to finish off my matcha fest, also found the Nestle Green Tea Kitkat Ice cream (P47) which again I have wanted to taste for some time now.

Started off with the ice cream and was so excited because I could just imagine being back in Japan, home of everything matcha and most especially of the matcha ice cream. When I opened the Kit Kat ice cream, I was expecting the strong matcha smell. It never came. Not to be deterred by the underwhelming lack of matcha scent, I took my first bite of the ice cream and – it was bad. Really bad. Didn’t even taste remotely like matcha or even green tea. Not to mention, the cone and the KitKat wafer itself were less than tasty. Ate it all though because I wouldn’t want my money go to waste. Not recommended for die-hard matcha fans.

On the other hand, the moment I opened the Hansel Matcha Biscuit, a wave of matcha-scented air filled my nostrils. I knew, then, that this P37 biscuit was going to be good. And it was! I think I finished 6 pieces in one sitting, which is pretty loaded with calories. Haha! It’s not too strong like the usual authentic Japanese treats. It can pass as just a green tea biscuit but it was pretty good for a P37 treat. I highly recommend this Limited Edition mailap matcha biscuit.

Nay for international brand Nestle and Yay for local brand Rebisco! Good job Rebisco!


What are your thoughts?

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