Addicted to Olay, okay?


It may seem like I am addicted to Olay but really it’s simply because it’s a product that works for me and I have been loyal to it for years. I may sometimes be curious and try other brands but I always end up going back to Olay. My skin really loves it. Take it from me who has also tried Clinique, said to be one of the best, but even that high end brand doesn’t work well with my skin (my mom loves it though and attributes her young-looking face to it).

I love Olay so much that when they go on Buy 1, Take 1 sale (P789 for two products!), I definitely buy and stock up on my essentials, especially since expiration dates are 3 years from now (2019). My favorites are the body lotion, face moisturizer (yey for SPF) and recently added the night moisturizer to the list. Not to mention, I’m all praises for their face brush. Not to mention, their body washes.  I also love how their products  smell so clean & generic.

Though I love Olay as a whole, some products still didn’t work out for me namely the Overnight Serum (red bottle) and Eye Cream (in pot). I tried adding serums in my regimen though honestly I haven’t seen any noticeable difference. The day serum is quite better than the night serum because it’s easily absorbed by my skin (but I told myself I’ll only buy one on sale). The overnight serum is too watery and doesn’t get absorbed, so I don’t like it and won’t repurchase. It’s a good way to thin out my BB cream for my DIY BB Cushion, though.

For the eye cream, I hate that it’s in a pot and that I need to dip my fingers into it. I bought it on sale and thought it would be a great way to try it out. Truth be told, I like the Revitalift Eye Cream Tube by Loreal. The metal tip provides a cooling sensation to my eyes to somehow reduce puffiness. Unfortunately, still haven’t found a product to address my darkening undereyes. 

Overall, I will stick with Olay products for the years to come. Reminder though that what works for me may not work for others. So find out which products your skin likes and a good way to start is with Olay. Hopefully, you’ll like it as much as I do. Ehem, on a side note dear Olay, this is the time for you to send you loyal customer some good ol’ Olay products =)

What are your thoughts?

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