Chia Seeds: Is it worth the hype?


Chia seeds have been all over the healthy-living hemisphere so I finally gave in and tried it out. It’s quite expensive and only a few specialty stores and online sellers have these. But good ol’ Robinsons Supermarket was carrying the brand Super Food Grocer and chia seeds was one of their products. It’s P375 for 227g which is a pretty good deal, if you first want to try it out. Healthy Options also has chia seeds but are much more expensive.

Basically, I just add a teaspoon or two of chia seeds in my drink, usually coconut water. I let it soak for 5 minutes so it would turn into a gel-like consistency. Some people have said to be disgusted by the texture but since I live in a gulaman-sago country, which is how the chia seeds feel like after soaking, I actually enjoyed the texture. It’s a great addition to your drink and any search on the internet will show numerous benefits of adding this to your diet (I got sold on the fact it made you feel fuller longer).

What they don’t tell you though is it is best placed in a bottle so you can constantly shake it. Once, I used a cup for it and the seeds stuck together and turned into a yucky sphere of seeds. Haha. So best to place your drink in a bottle so you can shake it to keep the seeds separate.


What are your thoughts?

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