Halal Grocery Items Available in Philippines


As previously mentioned, a Muslim friend visited the Philippines and so started my quest for everything halal. Aside from the halal restaurants we tried, I also brought it upon myself to find grocery items that are halal so he would have something to eat during breakfast or snacks or when we can’t find a halal restaurant.

I must look strange to the people around me because every time I took a grocery item, I would turn it over, scan it for the logo and if it didn’t have the halal logo, put it back on the shelf. If it did have the halal logo, it went into my basket. Hehe.


I wanted to buy some items that could pass as a meal so I looked for breads, roti, canned goods and even pasta ingredients. The following are what I found which are readily available in leading supermarkets and are all halal certified:

Found the complete ingredients for a halal spaghetti – UFC Tomato Sauce, Prime Mushrooms, Century Tuna, Eden Cheese, and Ideal Pasta. Plus Frozen Roti, which even before has always been a favorite of mine. I usually have this in my fridge. 

For the snacks, I think they were easier to find. A good rule of thumb also is to find products made in other Muslim countries like Malaysia, as usually they have the halal logo. Halal snacks include: Quaker Oat Cookies, Rebisco Coconut Biscuits, Skyflakes, Magic Flakes plus we found halal Pringles too. Magnolia ice cream was also halal.

We went to Corregidor and needed to pack our own lunch so I decided to buy some bread plus spread. The only halal bread I found was Village Gourmet. Spreads include Cheezee Spread, Eden Mayo, Dari Crème, Yummy Peanut Spread. Breakfast items also include Maya Hotcake Mix (my fave) and Pascual Yoghurt.

Was surprised that so many condiments were halal like Barrio Fiesta Bagoong (fave), Jufran hot sauce (fave), Silver Swan, Datu Puti, Mafran, Papa and UFC ketchup (I have a thing for our local ketchup). Both UFC and Minola oil are halal.


For the drinks, I had to find Coke that had a halal logo since my friend did not eat anything without Coke (yes, he takes Coke for breakfast). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. My friend said that probably Coke is ok since they have the same formula and ingredients world wide. I checked the official website for all halal foods in the Philippines and thankfully, Coca Cola is there. I just wish they’d have a halal logo for easier identification. So glad my friend did not commit anything haram (forbidden) for the sake of Coke. Haha.


Did you know that even water can be halal? I did not know that. Nature Spring is halal, C2, Lipa Buko Juice, plus Great Taste Coffee, Krem Top creamer, Nesfruta, Magnolia Milk and Yakult.

I was surprised that even laundry detergent (Champion) and toothpaste (Happee) could be halal! Haha. I’m a Hapee convert for a few years now. Aside from the fact that they are Christians and employ disabled people, they now have additional brownie points for being halal.

I know there are more halal certified grocery items readily available in Manila. These are just a few of them and hopefully, other Philippine companies will also get halal certified (I’m talking to you, Del Monte and Dole). I mean, halal certified items are a billion peso industry. So here’s to our local brands having halal products. For more info, please visit this  website. 


What are your thoughts?

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