Foodie: BlackBird


My high school barkada and I try as much as possible to have our Christmas party before the year ends. This time, we decided to rent an Airbnb condo in Makati and stay overnight. But before that, dinner in Makati was in place. Our restaurant of choice was BlackBird Makati. Because I am not ‘high end,’ I had no idea what it was or where it is located but my friends kept saying it’s a very posh restaurant, posh as in ‘wear heels and a nice outfit’ kind of posh. Haha! We made reservations and at 830pm, found ourselves in BlackBird located at Ayala Triangle.

Ambiance and location wise, it was divine. Low lights (though not good for photos), nice architecture, pretty interiors and even a prettier restroom. But coming in, you can immediately smell the ‘fake rich’ in the atmosphere. Or maybe that’s just me being judgmental. Haha! We were seated at the second floor which was perfect because it was just us and another group of elderly, so we were free to laugh out loud, because hello, we were having fun and our laughter can’t be stifled by some ‘posh’ joint. Their second floor though is not recommended for ‘weak’ people because it is pretty high but the view of the surrounding Makati is nice.

Moving on to the food we ordered. For starters, most meals would start from P500. I have no qualms splurging every once in a while as long as the food is great so my expectations for the food we ordered was extremely high. We ordered the Black Bird Burger, Meat and Cheese Pizza, Mushroom and Asparagus Lasagna, Grilled Pork Belly and Seafood Pasta (just check their menu for the official names). For the drinks, we had the Pomegranate Lemonade, Lime and Cardamon Lemonade and a Lemongrass drink. Our total bill was P4500 and for that price, I was not happy with the food. It was good, better than most mid-level restaurants, but nothing spectacular. For the price we paid and the snooty people in it, I expected fireworks in my mouth. Unfortunately, that never came. Or maybe I’m expecting too much? Probably not. Most of my street food eats abroad are way better than this. #CertifiedTraveller


The burger was so-so but to be fair, my two friends liked it and said it had a smoky taste to it. Seafood pasta was not popular for all of us. Grilled belly was good but you know what’s better? Reyes barbeque. Pizza was meh and easily got hard. I guess the best among all our orders was the Mushroom lasagna but not recommended for just one person since you’ll easily get umay. Both the lemonades were absolutely sour! Who can drink that? We asked for syrup and finished the whole jar they gave us. I was really disappointed with my pomegranate lemonade because it tasted like powdered Kool Aid. Appalling. The lemongrass was the best among the three.


And don’t get me started on the staff. Ugh. The waiters were absolutely horrible. Not once did I see them smile. Or maybe that’s their style? Or perhaps they are judgmental because we don’t look like rich kids? Either way, I always enjoy my food being served with a smile or at least good manners. They remind me of Mac Cosmetics sales people. Kung makatingin ng masama, wagas. Eh sales person at waiter ka nga di ba? Customers, whatever they may look like or whoever they may be, are still your customers and should be treated the same way as others. Kala mo kung sino. We’re all paying customers, mind you. Pero nung nagbilang ng 1, 2, 3 para sa picture, tree ang pronunciation sa number 3. Haha. OK enough of that.

To end, I would not want to use my hard earned money there ever again nor would I want someone to treat me there. Like, if a guy I dated brought me there, I would be very upset with him and he won’t get a second date from me. Ganung level.


What are your thoughts?

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