Foodie: Taco Vengo in Megamall


My friend was craving for some Mexican food and since our favorite Mexicali no longer exists in Megamall, we decided to try the newly opened Taco Vengo located at Upper Ground Mega A, between Wendy’s and Sbarro. I’ll say it straight up: their serving is not value for money. Like, a guy with a healthy appetite (or a girl with an appetite like ours) would not be happy with their serving.

With that said, let me share the context of my conclusion. Me and my friend ordered their soft taco – mine was the pork cheek confit and hers was the honey soy chicken – at P115 each then we shared the nachos por machos (P245). Taste wise, I absolutely loved it. It was really good, there was so much pork filling, the meat was soft and moist, the dressing and toppings of the nachos worked well together (toppings included jalapenos, salsa and even a soft boiled egg). There were two types of hot sauce – Perfect Girl (sweet and spicy) and Bad Boy (sour and spicy). I absolutely liked the Perfect Girl. It complemented my tacos and nachos well.


But as you can see in the photos, serving was terribly SMALL. Just one teeny, tiny, probably 3×3 soft taco. I mean, I think I finished my taco in 3 bites. Seriously, who gets full just by eating their taco? And for the price? Horrible. It is not for the middle class taste bud and pocket like mine. But for those rich kids and burgis, probably it’s ok. So if you’re looking for value for money, don’t go here. But if you want to splurge, then by all means eat here because really, the food tastes great. It’s just the portions that are too ‘unfair’ for the cash out. But because I did like their taste, I’ll probably go back and try their burritos and lunch bowls and then see if they really are not value for money.


On the bright side, interior is nice and cozy, like an old refurbished house. Plus points that they used an old container van as their kitchen.

To conclude, we were so unsatisfied with our lunch that we still ordered takoyaki and ice cream from the food court. Haha!


What are your thoughts?

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