Vacationista: US Trip Summary


Dates: 15 Dec 2016-8 Jan 2017

Purpose: To attend my sister’s wedding celebration so this was really more of a family bonding time than a tourist vacation

Itinerary: 25 days in total including travel time and a 5 hour transit in Korea, where we were able to join a one hour free tour.

Including travel time, 3 days were in Las Vegas (20-22 Dec); 4 days were in Washington (3-6 Jan) while the rest were in different parts of Texas (Allen, Dallas, Waco, Temple, Belton, Arlington, San Antonio and Austin)

Weather: between 10-15 degrees Celsius in Texas and Las Vegas and between negative 5 to 8 degrees Celsius in Washington

Airfare: $1200 for Manila-Seoul-Dallas and Washington-New York-Seoul-Manila trip on Jet Blue and Korean Air; $150 for Las Vegas-Dallas-Las Vegas trip on Spirit Airlines; and $127 for Dallas-Washington trip on Virgin America

Budget for pocket money: Allotted $1850 but still had $350 left over. My expenses included cash gifts of $200 for the newly weds and $100 for a relative so technically, all my shopping and other expenses was only $1200. My biggest purchases were my leather knee high boots ($113); Baz Lurman show in Las Vegas ($118 for 2 people as I treated my high school friend); Kate Spade bag ($162) and our 2-night stay in a hotel for the wedding ($136). I also treated my family to 2 dinners ($60 each dinner) and my high school friend and cousin ($63).

Tax in the US is 8.25% while currency exchange rate was approximately Php50 per US$ 1.

Following are posts of the holiday that was and I will try my best to recount everything that happened. Haha!


What are your thoughts?

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