Vacationista: US Trip Day 1 (arrival in Dallas, Texas)


Finally after 13 hours, we arrived in the morning at our first state in Texas – Dallas where my sister is starting a new life together with her husband. My sister and her brother-in-law greeted us as we arrived at the airport. We also had to wait a few minutes for my mom, who was also arriving at the domestic airport from her visit to Las Vegas.

Once we were complete, off we went to my sister’s home to leave our luggage, meet with my brother-in-law (her husband) and immediately go to Olive Garden for lunch.


Olive Garden will always have a spot for me and sister because it’s one of the restaurants mentioned by Sheldon and Leonard of The Big Bang Theory (we are huge fans). We talked about eating there way before our US trip. They have a set meal which includes pasta, paninis or sandwiches and fries with unlimited soup or salad. Their breadsticks are also unlimited so you won’t get hungry there. We also had an additional order of calamares. I must be so tired or the waitress’ accent is too thick for me that I couldn’t understand a word she said when she asked me something. Haha!


After our meal, my cousin and mom wanted to rest at home but I really wanted to set my body clock to US time and fight jet lag so I told my sister I didn’t want to sleep and instead, went to Target to look around. Target will always be a good idea. Haha! There was a Target near my sister’s home so it was easy for us to go there. The whole complex of shops was called Stacy’s. Their Target was huge and I went around the cosmetics and beauty area first. I secured some toiletries and cosmetics that caught my eye. We also went around the nearby Home Goods where I bought a mint flavored foaming whip creamer ($5) which wasn’t really good.


Went back home and was also able to finally open my online purchases shipped directly to my sister’s home. Even before I left Manila, I already did some online shopping. Bought two, long sleeved floral rashguards/ swim suits, a purple mandala round beach throw and a pack of star-shaped reusable ice cubes all via and a lipstick, bronzer, blush and highlighter, with a free trial make-up remover, via’s sale items.


Dinner was at Nosoo, a Japanese restaurant, where we had spicy endamame, vegetable tempura, grilled squid, salmon with crispy skin, and assorted sushi rolls. Salmon will always be a favorite of mine!


Before heading home, went to Kroger’s for some grocery and I hit the jackpot with their clearance items. The US will always amaze me with their clearance sale because when they go on sale, they really reduce the prices. I got 10 hair products and nothing went over $1.5. This included a 750ml Garnier shampoo for a dollar, Herbal Essences Shampoo and Serum (which was really great) for $0.99 each, and Dove products for a dollar. Plus, was able to score some Betty Crocker cake box mixes for only $0.59 and icing for only $0.79. How amazing was that? I can host a cake party for less than $2. Haha! To note, when we’d go back again and again to Kroger’s (since that’s my sister’s usual grocery store), I didn’t find any other clearance items as awesome as these. So good job to me. Hehe. 

Was finally able to rest afterwards. 


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