DIY Reusable Ice Cubes vs. Store Bought Reusable Ice Cubes


I’ve been searching for reusable ice cubes for weeks now. The first time I saw one was years ago in Gourdo’s but at the time, I thought I’ll just buy it later until later came and they no longer had it. So now I am searching for other available reusable ice cubes (because I hate watered down drinks and it’s great for the environment). Saw cute yellow submarine ones from Quirks but it was too expensive at P250. Saw two online sellers that had their own versions but they didn’t reply to my messages, which is a huge turnoff for me. Saw some in but I wanted the ice cubes now. Haha.

Walking in Japan Home, I found a pack of these cute fish designed sauce containers and a light bulb suddenly appeared. Why not make my own? I mean, theoretically, reusable ice cubes are just small plastic containers you can freeze. With this thought taking over my mind, I bought the fish designed containers for only P44 (technically P88 but it was 2 for P88 so I also got to buy a pack of cookies, which I gave away). I could’ve used the small bottle type – also available in Japan Home – but I’m maarte and I wanted some fancy-looking ice cubes. Haha.

If you’re thinking whether it’s safe to use them as ice cubes as most ‘official’ reusable ice cubes are BPA free and what not, well my logic is (i) they are made from Japan and I trust their products completely; and (ii) it is originally a sauce container, so it was really made to hold something for consumption. Besides, I doubt I would die because of these. I’ve eaten and used utensils far more unsafe than this. Haha.

Anyway, being the maarte self that I am, I wanted the fishes to have different colors so with the help of food coloring and a small device to transfer the water, I started filling up my fish in blue, green, yellow and yellow green colors. Froze them overnight and first thing in the morning, tried it in a bottle of room temperature water. As you can see, the bottle had some condensation, meaning the ice was making the water cooler. Unfortunately, it was short lived as it didn’t cool the water completely – only slight – and in the end, the water in the fish itself already melted in just a few minutes.


So for this DIY project: It’s a fail. Still thinking though if I should not give up and try the bigger sauce containers as a DIY ice cube. Honestly though, our regular Pinoy ice candy plastic bags would also do the trick =) 

However, I could not resist and went ahead and bought some “official” reusable ice cubes in the shape of stars (approx $7) via amazon. Hehehe.


And it was a success! Even with a handful of stars, my drink easily gets cold. Best part is I just rinse these stars after using them and pop them back in our freezer. No need to always refill our ice cube tray (I hate doing that, so tiresome. Haha). Looks cute too :p So yey for these and highly recommended! 


What are your thoughts?

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