Vacationista: US Trip Day 3 (Wedding Celebration)


Today we celebrated my sister’s wedding. My sister already got married in a small ceremony last November so this December event was more of a celebration with all their loved ones. We had it in their mini ballroom, which was their only events venue. I really loved the feel of their venue. Me, my cousin and sister placed the chair decors the night before which were actually scarves from Divisoria. These also served as party souvenirs for all the guests.

The hotel provided the table setting and the coffee corner which had assorted Torani flavors. My sister then hired a florist for all the flower arrangements and ordered their German chocolate wedding cake with sugar flowers on top plus 3 different kinds of huge cupcakes (German chocolate, Red Velvet and Carrot cake with cream cheese icing). I absolutely loved their cake, similar to my debut cake, and I would probably have the same for my own wedding.

For the meal, they chose tomato soup, fresh salad with vinaigrette, and bread and butter. The main course was a huge serving of chicken and salmon fillet, vegetables and basmati rice. I told them how huge the serving was and that I couldn’t even finish all of it. They said that that serving was already reduced per their request to the hotel. Imagine if they served the full portion!

Their celebration was absolutely simple and wonderful. Greeting and talking to the guests, prayer for the food, dancing and yes, karaoke at the end. There were messages to the couple and I was one of the four who gave a short message. I cried during my message and so did my sister and aunt and probably a bunch of other people. Haha! Afterwards, me and some relatives visited another relative whose house was nearby and had light dinner there of fried chicken and pizza.


What are your thoughts?

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