Vacationista: US Trip Day 4 (Watter’s Creek)


We all took our time waking up from yesterday’s festivities. Me, my sister, bro-in-law and cousin grabbed a quick bite at the nearby Starbucks.

After cheking out from the hotel, we first went to Watter’s Creek which reminded me of BGC in Taguig.

 It had lots of stores such as Anthropologie and Victoria’s Secret, most of which were on sale. 

We first went to DSW which is a known shoe store. I was really bent on buying and “investing” in leather boots since I knew I would be using it over and over. Aside from being leather so that it would last me a lifetime, it needed to be knee high, have no heels so I could walk in them for miles plus it should be in brown. Scored a pair with 25% discount so I only paid $113. Not bad for real leather. They were really, really comfy too since I used them on my trips to Las Vegas and Washington, where a lot of walking took place. Not to mention, it protected my feet from the cold weather and were super stylish too. Goodbye peeling boots, hello real leather! 
We also dropped by Sephora, where initially I didn’t plan on buying anything. But as I was heading for the exit, I saw the famous Make-up Eraser. I have always wanted to try one but didn’t want to buy online, for fear of fake ones. Since I really wanted to reduce my ‘chemical’ consumption found in most toiletries and make-up, I decided to try it. Paid $21 and spoiler alert, it absolutely works! I will try to do a separate review later on.

Another trip to the Dollar Store was in place and brought home a number of dish washing soaps, hand soaps, Vanilla syrup for coffee, food coloring, a bunch of goodies and toiletries. 

Since it was too cold to actually walk around, we had dinner at home and bought some roasted Lemon Pepper chicken and Southwest salad at the nearby Walmart. Both were really good!

A night of family bonding ensued! 


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