Vacationista: US Trip Day 5 (Christmas Tree Shopping)


The next day, we needed to bring my aunt to the airport since she’ll be going back to Manila to spend the holidays with her family. We first had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Crystal. Lunch consisted of Pho noodles and fresh spring rolls. Perfect for the cool weather! Went around Stacy’s again so my aunt could do some last minute shopping before her flight.

After bringing my mom home first to rest, we stopped by Sprouts to pick up some things. Sprouts is a healthy, mostly organic kind of grocery, home of my favorite Chia seeds for only $3.99 per lb. How awesome was that? I planned on buying some before leaving the US. For this trip, I was able to buy a White Chocolate flavored peanut butter on clearance for only $1.99.

We then dropped by Home Depot to buy our live Christmas Tree! Yehey! This is one of my bucket list items. My siblings asked me if I remember our stay in Canada when we would buy our live Christmas tree but since I was really young then, I didn’t remember any of it. So I consider this as my first live Christmas tree experience. My bro-in-law said that we were actually late already in buying the tree – a week before Christmas – so there weren’t many choices anymore. But since he wanted me and my cousin to be there to pick a tree, plus they were really busy with wedding preparations, we chose one amongst the ‘left over’ trees but I couldn’t care less. We finally had our real Christmas tree!


My cousin suggested to have some Korean food for dinner and I had one of the best Korean meals ever! We had beef bulgogi, hot and spicy soup, pork teriyaki, chicken feet, spicy sticky rice and lots of rice and dozens of side dishes like potato and cabbage kimchi, mongo sprouts, pickled eggplant, broccoli, and fried egg strips. Haha! The bulgogi was my favorite. So good!

Capped off the night by trimming the tree and gazing at the lights.


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