Vacationista: US Trip Day 6 (Las Vegas: The Strip, Baz Palazzo)


Me and my cousin really planned on visiting our relatives in Las Vegas since we figured, we were already in the country, why not make the most of it? So for the next 3 days, from 20-22 December, we spent it in the Sin City. Bro-in-law wanted us to try some good old fashioned donuts so before dropping us at the airport, we had some breakfast at Max’s consisting of original and chocolate glazed donuts, a pink, sprinkled donut ala Simpsons, Jalapeno sausage buns and coffee. It was so good! Like Krispy Kreme only bigger. Was only able to eat the sausage bun because like everything in the US, it was huge, so we brought some of the leftover donuts for our trip.


We went to Las Vegas via Spirit Airlines. It kind sucked that they only allowed one hand carry item for no extra charge. Anything more than that would have a fee. This meant, only one personal bag unlike in Cebu Pacific, where you have one carry on item plus one personal bag for free. So me and my cousin made sure our bag would fit all the stuff needed for our 3 day trip. I had to fold and stuff my LV Neverfull inside my red duffel bag so I would only be carrying one bag.


On the trip, there were no complimentary drinks. We did however had a furry passenger in front of us. Haha! Before long, we saw the long and vast dessert of Nevada.

Arriving at the airport, we were immediately greeted by – you guessed it – slot machines. Such a Las Vegas welcome! Haha! 

Also spotted Best Buy and Benefit Cosmetics vending machines. How cool was that? Now you won’t have to worry about looking for a stapler or the perfect foundation on the go.


Our uncle and aunt picked us up and finally, we were out of the airport and into the blue, clear skies of Las Vegas. On the way to lunch, we passed by some quirky structures and hotels.

Lunch was at In-n-Out for some burger and fries. 

My health conscious aunt ordered the burger with no bun, meaning the patty and everything in it was held together between leaves of lettuce. How awesome was that? Probably wouldn’t buy it for myself especially if I was hungry but it’s a good alternative for those counting calories. Their burgers were really good. They are also known for their fresh potato fries which honestly for me, tasted more like sweet potato fries. Whole jalapenos were also available to eat as is. 

My aunt and uncle then dropped us at Flamingo hotel where me and my cousin met up with my high school friend, who flew to Las Vegas from LA just to be with me.

My friend has been to Las Vegas numerous times so he served as our tour guide. Went to most of the known tourist spots and walked along The Strip, Las Vegas’ most popular line of hotels, casinos, bars and shops, starting at the Bellagio with its famous ceiling.


He also showed us the chocolate fountain which he says was overpriced, as expected. Haha!

We walked around, took the free train and breathed in the sights.


Snack was at the Shake Shack because my cousin really wanted to try it. Compared to In N Out, I really liked Shake Shack’s burger more. I found the patties more tasty and moist. The coffee shake and loaded fries were the perfect partners to the burger. Ambiance was more cozy too and less fast food-y.


Right outside were different art installations such as the life sized human lego, a garden that reminded me of Singapore’s attraction and a huge wire figure shaped as a woman, right across the T-mobile arena.


Went inside the New York New York hotel which I really liked because there were tons of places for photo ops. My cousin also tried the slot machine where she didn’t win anything. Boohoo.


Hershey’s Chocolate World is also located here. There were tons of chocolate of all shapes and sizes, cakes, cookies and pastries and of course columns and columns of different versions of M&Ms where you can make your own personal M$Ms ‘pack.’

Did more walking and then ended up at the Monorail ($5 if I’m not mistaken) where I saw the Hooters hotel. Didn’t even know that existed. Haha!


We then made our way to The Venetian, which just like in Macau, looked like Venice, or they at least attempted to make it look like Venice. 

We were able to catch a simple performance by some ‘street’ artists, where they sang a few Christmas songs and did a little production number.

I really wanted to watch a show in Las Vegas so after checking online and at the counter, we were able to secure tickets to the Baz Luhrmann show entitled Baz Star Crossed Love. I actually saw a poster of this earlier which intrigued me and thought how awesome it would be to see it. I’d rather see this than any Britney or J.Lo or Celine Dion show. Turns out, my friend was also thinking the same thing and he knew I would like it too. I paid for his and my ticket, which was $59 each. Not bad na di ba? The show was in The Palazzo Theater and was set up like a 20s’ diner. Unfortunately, my phone couldn’t capture how awesome the whole set up was.

The show lasted for about 2 hours and it was a-ma-zing! Absolutely loved it. It’s basically a mash-up of Baz Luhrmann’s best works namely Romeo + Juliet (1996), Moulin Rouge and my personal favorite of the three, The Great Gatsby. It was impeccably done and the songs were a combination of both pop and original songs. Almost cried when they sang “Young and Beautiful” by Lana del Rey from The Great Gatsby. That’s one of my favorite songs because it’s so hauntingly beautiful. I am super ecstatic that I was able to experience this with my cousin and friend. Super loved it! Can you feel how happy I am? Haha. No words can express it =)

Anyway, after the show, made our way out and passed by Carlo’s Bakery by The Cake Boss, which for a time in my life, I enjoyed watching.

We walked out in The Strip again and I enjoyed seeing Las Vegas in all its beauty and glamour at night.

We reached The Forum Shops at Caesars, which as the name implies, has a lot of shops. I love how Las Vegas has all these gorgeous designs and intricate decorations in most of its hotels and shops. 

We decided to have dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, which has a thick menu ranging from pasta, sandwiches, rice meals, and salads. 

My friend ordered a pasta platter topped with chicken fillet, which was huge, but was meant for one person (paanong for one person lang yun eh ang laki??), I ordered buffalo chicken strips and mozzarella sticks while my cousin ordered the fresh salad with blue cheese. All of our orders were huge so we just shared everything. Bread was unlimited too. You can’t go to The Cheesecake Factory and not have cheesecake for dessert. Wouldn’t it be weird if someone asked you what you ate in The Cheesecake Factory and you would answer, ‘uhm, fish and chips?’ Haha! Our flavor of choice – they had a huge selection – was the Red Velvet Cheesecake as recommended by my friend. We didn’t finish all of our food so we still had some doggy bags to take home. I treated them to dinner which cost $63.

While we were having dinner, I could hear the water fountain show going on behind us but was too lazy and engrossed with our conversation to actually get up and watch it. Haha!

Out into the cold Vegas air we went again, making our way to The Bellagio to catch the famous fountain show. It runs every 15 minutes every night. Right on cue, the fountain show started to the tune of a Christmas song (forgot the title). Felt like I was in a scene from Ocean’s 11. Haha.

We then booked an uber, said our adieus and ended the night with tight hugs.


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