My first (and probably only) Hermes: The Herbag


For some reason in 2015, the Herbag caught my eye. And didn’t let go. Even if I tried to forget about it, it kept creeping up on me. And so, instead of fighting it, I tried to plan for it meaning I saved up for it. And when I say saved up for it, basically I allotted my left over work allowance from my past work trips. So technically, I didn’t shell out a single cent for the bag! Just like my Longchamp Cuir. Yey for budgeting! =)

Isn’t she pretty? And sulit too because you get two bags as the canvas is interchangeable. 

I’m actually thinking of customizing the brown canvas because I figured I already have my brown Prada bag (redundant na, chos!). Either (a) sew some graphic patches on it or (2) I paint some simple design using acrylic. I mean, if North West can paint an Herbag, so can I right? Haha! Still contemplating on customizing the canvas but for now, I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor. 

*photo not my own

PS. Those who say money can’t buy happiness are definitely buying the wrong stuff from the wrong stores. When I look at my bags that I saved up for, I always smile and have some fuzzy feeling inside. Sure, it’s temporary but it gives me happiness. If you buy stuff that you planned for or saved up for or those that serve as a reward for you or you know is worth every penny, then this would give you some level of happiness that recurs every time you use that item – whether it’s a bag, an outfit, make-up, toys or whatever. I’m not saying be materialistic because I honestly believe that true happiness, peace of mind and security can only come from God. But what I’m saying is that material things can be a tool to bring a smile on your face. If that’s not what shopping does to you then approach me and we’ll go shop for the right stuff. =D


What are your thoughts?

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