Vacationista: US Trip Day 8 (Las Vegas: High Tea at Mandarin Oriental, Wyn Hotel)


The next day after some breakfast of toast and eggs, my cousin brought us to Mandarin Oriental for some high tea as a light lunch. Was pleasantly surprised that she thought of doing this instead of going to clubs and bars since I’m not really into the ‘night life scene’ anymore.

 We ordered two servings of their high tea. Each set consisted of tea of your choice – we chose the mint and the Christmas special – and assorted pastries and finger foods. Don’t let it fool you since it was quite filling.

We then made our way to the Wyn Hotel and checked out their Christmas decorations which were very colorful and oh-so-nice.

We went downstairs for some drinks. I think the place was called floating lantern something. Haha! Loved how they were overlooking the man-made falls and pool. The lanterns would also move up and down, thus seeming like they are floating.


Of course, a quick trip to the famous Las Vegas sign was a definite must-do for us tourists, even though it was already late and a bit drizzling.

We then went back to my aunt and uncle’s house, had some homemade dinner, chilled then caught our early morning flight back to Dallas. We did self-check in at the kiosks in the airport, where boarding passes will immediately be given, though you may also do it via web then print out your boarding pass. Even during our last moment in Vegas we were surrounded by slot machines in the departure area. Haha. 

Personally for me, one visit to Las Vegas is enough, since I’m not really into casinos or night clubs and I feel that it’s all just the same. I would go back though if only to visit my relatives. Twas fun though, Sin City!



What are your thoughts?

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