Vacationista: US Trip Day 10 (BJ’s Resto Bar, Christmas dinner)


We had lunch at BJ’s Resto Bar where my cousin tried out their beer sampler. 

We ate their lettuce wedge salad, some creamy soup, pizza, fried artichoke and avocado wraps

For dessert, we had their mini cookies with ice cream on top (double chocolate, cookies and cream, and salted caramel) which were actually huge and really good. It looked like a hurricane went through our dessert.

Walked around the place which even had a cute playground, a huge Christmas tree and even a ‘train cart’ installed. We also went inside this 2nd hand shop, where I didn’t find anything I liked. Haha.


In the early evening, we attended the Christmas service at the local church where the pastor talked about gratefulness. Mom got a free tumbler for being a visitor.


Since we will be having heavy dinner, we had a light snack of cheese, crackers and cold cuts. We also opened our Christmas sacks, in addition to the stockings because they were already overflowing, which were filled with chocolate pretzel sticks, socks, travel packing cubes, chocolates and PJs designed with a llama wearing a pink scarf (which I personally chose when we went to Gap). 

Afterwards, we spent the Christmas eve dinner with my brother-in-law’s whole clan.


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