Vacationista: US Trip Day 12 (Ikea; Post Christmas Day shopping)


Everyone was super excited for this day because we would be going to Ikea. Haha! Ikea will always be a good idea. Even though I wasn’t planning on buying anything, still ended up grabbing a few home items here and there. I wanted to take everything home!


We had lunch there of course. Since I was still full from breakfast, I ordered the kid’s meatballs meal (cousin also ordered the same), mom ordered the kid’s chicken balls meal, while my brother-in-law had the regular sized one. Sister ordered some chicken wrap plus we added some fresh salmon slices and mac n cheese to the mix. Mom had coffee while the rest of us enjoyed their assorted selection of juices. I must say I didn’t exactly like the salmon for some reason and this is coming from someone who thoroughly enjoys salmon.


In the end, me and my mom bought a salad spinner, a wine bottle opener, a set of spatulas, two boxes of ziplock bags, a stainless steel utensils container, two brushes for cleaning, a strainer which has handles so you can place them over the sink, a set of Tupperware, a mat, complete set of colorful plates, bowls, cups and utensils (perfect for picnics!) and a four piece set of colorful bottles. Every one of us went home happy. Haha!


Since Christmas has already passed, all Christmas items were on sale so we made sure to drop by some stores. First on the list was Target where I got a set of four Christmas boxes and an assortment of Christmas inspired tissue paper (8 sheets each) for stuffing, all for a dollar each. Stocked up on my holy grail toner from Clean and Clear, mini bath bombs for my sister, 3 +1 Chapsticks ($3, which is really the only lip balm that works for me), concealer stick by Essence, Nude Nuance lippie by Maybelline (gorgeous color!) and three mascaras by Rimmel and Covergirl (all of which I didn’t like). Plus, got a box of three nude lippies ($8 on sale from $13) which I gave to my sister-in-law and cherry flavored lip exfoliator and red lippie ($3.5 on sale from $5), both from Elf. I’ve been wanting the lip exfoliator for the longest time so I was really happy I found this. Glad to report that I love it since it’s really effective and tastes good too, though I probably shouldn’t lick my lips too much. Haha. I paid $62 for everything.

We then went to Hobby Lobby, which I thought wouldn’t interest me since I’m not too much into crafting but wow, this place was full of cute stuff! Wanted to buy a number of things for home deco but told myself I’ll splurge once I have my own home already. Instead, I bought arts and crafts kits for my inaanak, a monster inspired napkin and four pieces of graphic felt (approx. $0.64 each on clearance). Paid $1.68 for the napkin and felts. Mom bought some Christmas cards and décor all on sale. (First Photo way below)


We also went to Kroger’s and of course, all their Christmas decorations and chocolates were on 50% off so mom went crazy for some light up Santa décor, tupperware and assorted chocolates, while I got the Christmas gift tag stickers for about a dollar each. Super happy I chanced on the Christmas stickers because these are scarcely available in Manila. 


Last stop would be Bath & Body Works. I’m not a fan of this since Olay is my choice of lotion while I still have tons of perfume back at home but my mom enjoyed shopping because who wouldn’t with the huge 50-75% clearance sale and other deals.


I did end up grabbing the only lotion from Bath & Body Works that I liked which was from their aromatherapy line – their sleep and stress relief variants. Both were on 50% sale so I paid only $10 for both. I also like the fact that their aromatherapy line are in glass bottles. They smell so divine! I usually use them as hand lotion because they are quite thick and heavy and the scent serves as a quick ‘aromatherapy’ session. Tip: add non-scented lotion to your bottle to make your aromatherapy lotion last longer. I did this to my current lotion and since the scent is so strong, I can extend my lotion usage and enjoy basking in the ambiance of a spa longer.

Dinner was at Nosoo, the Japanese restaurant we ate at before, where we ordered their crispy skin salmon again, shrimp and vegetable tempura, assorted sushi and this rice concoction which was really tasty.


Capped off the night by driving by this neighborhood where most houses were lighted up since they have a competition for the best lights. The subdivision would only open their gates to the public during the holidays. One house went as far as having a man play his trumpet with Christmas songs, in full costume. Not sure if he was paid or if he was the home owner but he was really good.


What are your thoughts?

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