Vacationista: US Trip Day 15 (Buc-ee’s, Collin Street Bakery)


We took our sweet time leaving the house since we will be going back to Allen to spend the New Year there. We first dropped by Buc-ee’s for breakfast and a bit of shopping for their famous Beaver Nuggets, which are their super tasty corn puff snacks. The temperature suddenly dropped when we went there, hence, my ‘I am freezing’ photo outside the store with their beaver mascot, Buc-ee. Lots of pacute items too, inside.

We had some pulled pork and coffee as breakfast, which me and my mom shared.


Still on the highway, we also droped by Collin Street Bakery which my mom is very fond of since she too bakes fruit cakes. Went inside, had some pastries and stopped my mom from buying fruit cake as souvenir. Haha!


Finally at Allen, we had our late lunch at Dumpling House for some Chinese food. Ordered seafood and beef noodles, dumplings that were like Taiwan’s Xiao Long Bao, fried chicken patties and some tofu.


Finally arrived at home and rested our tired earthly bodies.



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