Halo-halong Discoveries Part I


Sanicare’s Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

In the US, toilet seat covers are normal and can usually be found in their public comfort rooms, because hygiene. Haha. But here in the Philippines, people are like, what hygiene? Generally, public comfort rooms are so dirty but since you got to pee real bad, you just go ahead and do your business. I’m happy to have found this little gem because it gives you the peace of mind that your bum is touching ‘clean ground.’ Plus points that it’s biodegradable, flushable of course and has a cute design, though I would suggest they ditch the design so they could lower the price even further. It’s P32 for 5 covers. I tried it out and sure, it’s nice and my bum thanked me for it but word of caution though, with the crappy plumbing in Manila, this might not be properly flushed down the toilet so if you feel it would just clog the toilet, opt to throw it out manually (which kinda sucks because the whole point of this is convenient flushing). I’d probably just buy these when I travel to Asian countries, where toilets are not always the cleanest.


Reusable Feminine Pads

From disposable to reusable – and men please stop reading now – I’ve been seeing these disposable feminine pads and being a curious cat (and environmentally-friendly at that), I decided to get myself a set consisting of regular flow pads and panty liners. In the long run, not only are you saving the world, you are also saving your pocket. Got mine from the instagram account of MumNBubsFashionPh, who I highly recommend because the owner is really easy to talk to, allowed me to choose my designs, answered all my questions and even gave me a discount. I actually inquired from Chill’s Cloth Pad too but their customer service is worse. MumNBubsFashionPh also carry reusable diapers and other baby products. I really wanted these to work for me because I absolutely want to stop using commercial pads. Worst case scenario, I’d only use them in the comforts of my home. I mean if our parents could do it, then why can’t we, right? Never have I been more excited to be visited by Aunt Flow than today. Hahaha!

Initial reactions:

1. Super soft and cottony – no irritations!

2. Manageable and easy to clean

3. Does the job pretty well

4. The pantyliners can even serve as pads for light days while the regular pads can serve as overnight ones! 

In conclusion, was delightfully surprised how awesome it worked for me! So highly recommended! 


What are your thoughts?

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