Vacationista: US Trip Day 16 (Costco, Papasito’s, New Year’s Eve)


Preparing for tomorrow’s New Year dinner meant a quick trip to Costco. It’s just like any huge membership-based, warehouse-style grocery – like Manila’s S&R or Landers – except that there’s less people here than its Manila counterparts. Haha! To think the New Year is coming.

Me and my mom started buying stuff to put in the balikbayan box. Our food haul included a 3 lb container of Folgers ground coffee, a 1.36 kg bottle of minced garlic (yey), a bottle of pureed ginger (perfect to add in dipping sauces like vinegar), two 2kg bottles of Italian sauce and a box of chocolate pretzel rods ($13), which I love because they are so yummy and I can’t find an alternative here in Manila. We also bought 200 pieces of 13 gallon drawstring kitchen bags, single sheet aluminum foils (so you don’t have to keep cutting them), 3 boxes of Afrin for my allergies, kitchen mats, a 3 piece sauce pan and a 2 organizer racks.


My favorite Costco buy would have to be the $7 fur lined, red wool booties, which were super comfortable and oh-so-cheap! I have a habit of buying ‘winter stuff’ for my future travels, which is a habit proven wise in my past experience. I mean, for sure I’ll have travels in cold countries in the coming years so why not buy those booties, just in case? Wore them immediately after paying for it and the next day during errands and absolutely loved them. Haha! Had to leave them behind though because no more luggage space and told my sister to include it in our next balikbayan box. Yet, she tells me she tried them on and is thinking of keeping it for herself. Told her it was only on loan for her in the time being. Haha!

We had lunch at my brother-in-law’s favorite Mexican restaurant called Papasito’s. We were lucky enough to get a table immediately since they say the place is always packed. Their match boxes are so cute with their logo in colorful designs.

They served unlimited nachos with salsa and tortillas with butter. Ordered extra cheese as dip. We then had some fresh salad and chicken fajitas which came with some rice and beans. It was huge that me, my cousin and mom shared everything. Plus, they gave us beef and chicken instead of only chicken so they made up for it by adding more chicken fillets, and not taking the beef away, so more for us. My brother-in-law ordered his favorite, which was the roasted quail (4 quails). For dessert, we had their local fried flour with vanilla ice cream and toasted almonds. It cost about $80 for everything.


We dropped by Stacy’s again and I finally bought the Kate Spade bag I saw days earlier in TJMaxx. I told myself that if I didn’t find any bag I liked from the outlet stores we visited in San Marcos, then I would buy this particular Kate Spade bag. I was half expecting it would no longer be available since Christmas had already gone by and I thought people would have bought everything from the store but alas, it was still there. Like, it was the last of the three. I was already willing to pay the price of $199 which I saw before but when I took a closer look, the one bag I was holding was only $159. When I compared it with the others, same style, it was the only one with that price. Talk about fate! It definitely must be for me then. Haha! Bought a $0.99 reusable bag (photo above) because the elephant design was too cute to pass up. 


Dropped by the Dollar Tree store again and surprise, surprise! Goodbye Christmas décor, hello Valentine’s! Hahaha! As expected, all their Christmas goodies were on half sale so we grabbed a couple of cute items to give away. Two of each kind: Frozen inspired candy canes, Santa chocolate bars, ring lollipops, and a container of hard candies.

Went also to Ross and took home these cute holiday table napkins for only $0.50 each and a tube of leather wipes ($3.5) for all my leather goods. How convenient! 

Did some more grocery shopping at Walmart (when meill the shopping end?! Haha!) and bought 5 bottles of Herbal Essences shampoo (was on promo for $1.68 each, I think) and lots of Christmas decor and chocolates all on half price off. Best buy? The cake mix for only $0.68. Yep, you read it right. 


What are your thoughts?

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