Vacationista: US Trip Day 17 (Costco again, New Year’s Eve)


Early the next morning, we woke up at around 645am to greet my brother-in-law at the finish line of his 2-day fun run.

 He rewarded us by treating us to some Starbuck’s coffee and breakfast at Chick-fil-A where my cousin and I shared an egg and cheese muffin with potato tots. 
We again went to Costco because my brother-in-law wanted to buy lobsters, clam, shrimps and salmon fresh. He’ll be in charge of cooking for our New Year’s dinner tonight. Sis also bought a pack of waffles which were sooo good! I, on other hand, armed with $40 bought 5 different cheeses – 2 chunks of Smokey Gouda (which I’ve tried before and really like), Tillamook’s Colby and Monterey Jack slices, Romano and English Cheddar. Each cheese cost about $7 per pound. These were actually our heaviest items in our luggage, which totaled 4 kgs already. Wore my Gap pjs, bathrobe-looking coat and warm booties to the grocery like a typical American. Haha!


Smaller than the Centennial park, a quick walk to the nearby park called Country Meadows Park provided us with fresh air and a beautiful view.


New Year’s Eve came and we celebrated by hugging and having a little ‘bang’ with party poppers. Would you believe the staff from Walmart had to ask us if we were above 18 years old, just to buy some party poppers the size of a chocnut? Haha! Unlike in the Philippines where fireworks are easy to buy as candy, it was really, really quiet in Texas. Like deafening quiet. But you know what? I didn’t mind. I didn’t ‘look’ for or missed the Philippines-style of New Year’s with fireworks and noise. Then again, I’ve never been much for holidays. For me, holidays are a time to rest, relax away from work and bond with family. I could do away with all the extras like decorations and such. Even I don’t celebrate my own birthday. Haha. Guess I’m weird like that. I did joke though that it smelled like the Philippines when we used the party poppers, since there was a faint, barely there scent of a firecracker.


Our simple yet super scrumptious dinner was my brother-in-law’s shrimp pasta. Toasted the year 2017 with some fine wine.


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