Vacationista: US Trip Day 18 (New Year’s Day, Café Brazil)


Started the new year right by going to our local’s church’ service. As usual, they had some coffee and Max’s donuts available, which me and mom availed since we didn’t have any breakfast.  


Lunch was at Café Brazil which boasted of having several different types of coffee which you can have on unlimited basis. For some reason, their coffee tasted so watered down for me. 

Me, my cousin and mom shared a set of creamy Turkey wrap and cheese panini with chicken, both with rosemary roasted potatoes, and a huge platter of fries topped with cheese. Sister had a sandwich with really good sweet potato fries while my brother-in-law had some kind of omelet.


We then went to another shopping complex and dropped by Ulta, a beauty store, but didn’t find anything I wanted followed by an Outlet Store nearby, where I was finally able to find some loose mineral foundation from Smashbox ($15) since I realized that mineral foundation really is the best foundation for me as it looks natural and gives me that ‘fresh, blooming face.’ Checked out Manila prices in Beauty Bar and it was P1750 so this was a good buy! 

Dinner was prepared by my brother-in-law which was a whole lot of seafood in coconut milk. It was so good! Lots of lobsters, salmon, shrimp and fish!


What are your thoughts?

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