Vacationista: US Trip Day 19 (Chipotle, Popeye’s)


My cousin absolutely wanted to try Chipotle just for the heck of it so even though my brother-in-law would say that there are more far better Mexican restaurants available, he gave in to our request. We also wanted to try Popeye’s chicken so we compromised: bought some Popeye’s fried chicken as take out and ate it in Chipotle.


You choose whatever goes inside your burrito or burrito bowl. Sister had a huge burrito wrap with no rice (she only ate half of it), some guacamole bowl then a combination of pork and chicken with veggies burrito bowl. They even had their own tabasco sauce. Chipotle was ok, I guess. Cheap and quick Mexican fix.


I did like their paper cup and paper bag packaging though. Yey for collaborating and being more environment friendly (read the description).

Started packing our two balikbayan boxes ($97 per box shipping fee via LBC). Note to self: bring own packaging tape from Manila when I go back. Bought the most expensive tape ever in Walmart ($10)


What are your thoughts?

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