Vacationista: US Trip Day 20 (Watter’s Creek: Frog Café, Five Guys, Sonic)


Today was basically our last day in Texas with my sister so we tried to maximize our time together. After breakfast of pancakes and bacon and coffee, me, my sister and cousin went to Watter’s Creek again for some ‘girl’ time.

‘Drove through’ the post office so my sister could ‘drop’ her letters without getting out of the car. How awesome, right?

Then we visited the huge crafts store called Michael’s which had a lot of cute items. 

Afterwards, spent the afternoon with coffee and Nutella crepe with strawberry and banana at Frog. The three of us had a lovely time just chatting and bonding.


We also dropped by Lowe’s which made me want to build my own house already. Haha!

Since we were leaving for Washington the next day, I bought a pound of chia seeds for only $4 from Sprouts because they were really expensive in Manila (half a pound already costs Php400). Told my sister to buy more for me and just include it in the balikbayan box.

We were also gifted with our last glorious, Texan sunset.


For our last dinner in Texas, me and my cousin wanted an all American burger diner experience. The best we could do was at Five Guys, which was a really good choice. Peanuts were available while you wait for your order.


We had mini cheeseburgers, which meant only one pattie but already huge in serving, brother-in-law had the regular cheeseburger with two patties, then we all shared the large serving of Cajun fries which was a lot. I love how you can customize your burger toppings and glad they had mushrooms and caramelized onions available.  


I mentioned how interesting Sonic was, which has a lot of drive through counters where you just order and a staff brings out your food, for you to eat on the go. No restaurant or building is available to dine in. There were a few tables available though outside their kitchen. Just so we could experience it, we ordered a small Sonic ice cream. I initially wanted a mini ice cream because I would be the only one eating it but they ordered a small one for me. And it is huge. It’s bigger than my hand! It’s like a medium sized drink here in the Philippines. Haha. Needless to say, the ice cream was good but I didn’t even finish it, not even half way through. Note to self: request no whipping cream on top the next time I buy there.


Spent our last evening in the comfort and coziness of our Texas’ home.


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