Vacationista: US Trip Day 21 (Washington DC, Amphora)


It was the day of our departure to Washington DC. My brother-in-law bought us some donuts from Max’s again, though I chose to have my fave bagel with cream cheese and salmon for breakfast. 

Lunch was a hearty home cooked meal of grilled salmon and shrinps. Yum!. So much hugs and tears were present during our departure! Haha.


Our flight was in the early evening. I loved how the US has curbside check-in. As the name implies, counters are available right outside the entrance, immediately following drop off by your vehicle. Once you get inside, you just immediately proceed to the immigrations office. So convenient.

 I enjoyed our flight on Virgin America. Aside from complimentary drinks, in flight entertainment is also available. Just don’t forget to bring your earphones. If you don’t have one, you can buy a set for $3. They had games like PacMan, Asteroids and Hang Man and reruns from The Big Bang Theory, Friends and Mike & Molly. You can also rent movies with just a swipe of your card on the back of the seat. So cool and hassle free. I also loved their flight safety music video. Super catchy.


Finally after about 3 hours, arrived at Washington DC. The temperature here really dropped, felt like negative degrees Celsius, so my winter coat and thermals was needed. My mom’s college friends who were a couple picked us up. First order of business: late dinner at Amphora, which good thing was open 24 hours.


We knew the serving would no doubt be huge, plus we just wanted a light dinner as we are going to sleep anyway, so me, my cousin and mom shared a meal of grilled cheese with chicken a side of fries and fresh garden salad. So funny that me, my mom and both her friends all reached for the bill. Tito won though.

Rested in our third home for this trip.


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