Vacationista: US Trip Day 23 (The White House, Smithsonian Museum: Air and Space Museum)


Tita once again prepared for us breakfast fit for champions – fried egg and milkfish (bangus), turkey sausage, rice, melons and grapefruit.

Again, we took the car, bus, train combo to go back to the Smithsonian Mall but this time, we went down on McPherson Square station since we would first visit The White House.


Exiting the station, we were immediately greeted by The White House sign and a dozen or so pigeons congregating because it was freezing outside.


It was so much more colder today and very overcast so we had to walk quickly. This exit actually brought us to the side of The White House so we had to walk around it to see it from the front. We passed by the Treasury Department and other pretty buildings.


As much as I love the sunshine and greenery, I still find overcast skies and leafless tress hauntingly beautiful. I think they have a different charm and beauty. I’m weird like that.


Finally we saw The White House from afar. Haha! Waved hello to Pres. Obama. Chos! There are actually tours available but we didn’t include it in our itinerary. Now we have another reason to go back to DC. Hehe!


Walking towards the Smithsonian area, we passed by some trucks selling food and souvenirs. We bought our huge ‘gold’ coin ($3.5) at the official White House gift shop, right across the White House. I actually thought it was a magnet. Grr.


It was starting to snow and the walk would be long so we caught The Circulator again and made our way to The Air and Space Museum, but not before passing by some interesting sights – like a fat squirrel (hehe), a whole platter of sushi left on a bench (probably left for the nearby homeless we saw), and a popcorn store which looked like an old-school cart.  


Before long, we arrived at The National Air and Space Museum. I was excited for this because I really wanted to see this specific museum, but wasn’t sure if it was included in the itinerary planned by tito and tita. I find anything to do with flying fascinating. A star (?) installation greeted us at the entrance.


Then inside? Planes and missiles and space ships of every shape and size filled the lobby. I was ecstatic!


But first, lunch! Haha! We ate at the only food court in that museum which was run by McDonalds.


I had the buttermilk crispy chicken burger with fries which was really good – chicken was thick and juicy, lots of veggies and buns were soft and tasty.


After having our fill, me and my cousin went on ahead to explore the world beyond our atmosphere. There were so many beautiful artifacts!


One of my favorite things I spotted were the vintage Libby’s corned beef cans which the pilots brought with them. Kulit lang.

I also took a moment to honor the Wright brothers, whom we should thank for the lovely thing we call an airplane.


Dropped by the gift shop and found the astronaut suit for kids so adorable!


Couldn’t help myself and took home a reusable bag as souvenir because I loved the graphic design. It’s expensive at $5 but all proceeds from the gift shop are used for the museum, since all the museums have no entrance fee. Is it obvious I have a thing for reusable bags? Hehe.


We then made our way back but not before dropping by the grocery store, Safeway and Kmart

We bought some last minute Christmas chocolates on clearance ranging $0.50-$0.68. How insane was that? We also bought boxes of cereals, granola bars, coffee grounds, instant mac n cheese, olive oil mayo, honey roasted mayo, juice and chocolate powder and Pillsbury doughs.


In Kmart, was able to buy two scented candles ($1 each), two Wet n Wild lippies as my reserve ($2 each) and some flavored instant coffee ($2.14).


Tita prepared a wonderful dinner for us – chicken noodle soup and roasted chicken from the grocery, homemade embutido, baked salmon (super yummy), fried rice plus wine and a small assorted cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.


What are your thoughts?

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