Vacationista: US Trip Day 24-25 (Outlet stores, departure)


Our departure for Manila was in the evening so technically, we still had the whole day to go around. Looking outside, there was already a thin sheet of snow enveloping the grounds. Such a pretty sight! Tita again prepared a heavy breakfast for us so we’d have energy for a whole day of walking – turkey patties, fried chicken and egg and rice.


So as to not be hurrying later, we just decided to go to one place – the outlet stores near home. Just like in Allen, the outlet stores have the same lay out and almost same stores like Nike, Adidas, Kate Spade, Coach. But with an additional of others like a vitamin outlet store and even a kitchen store selling home equipment.


One of the stores that I didn’t find in Allen was the Sperry Top-Sider. I have always wanted to own one but always held off buying, telling myself that I didn’t need them. I went inside just to see and good thing I did because I chanced upon a cute pair of topsiders, in a cute design in my design and best thing is, it was on clearance! The only pair left, from $160 it was now only $20. Didn’t think twice and bought it immediately. Score!


After some Chinese buffet lunch, we went back home, packed our bags to keep it at the 23kgs weight limit per luggage, then made our way to the Washington Dulles International Airport.

It was so huge – like most in the US – that we needed to ride a train going to our terminal. We had the evening flight so there weren’t a lot of people but there were a lot of stores to go around to. 

We rode via Virgin America which had in flight entertainment – including news channels and TV series which was so good – and unlimited snacks and drinks. But since this was just a short flight to New York, about 40 minutes, we only had a soda and some Cheez-its.


Arriving at New York through the JFK International Airport, you could already feel the difference in the atmosphere. Everybody was hustling and bustling! Oh my gosh. Even with my mom’s special assistance, the staff who guided us were so haughty, I nearly had a heart attack. I am not even exaggerating. As much as I want to visit New York, I have a feeling I am not going to fully ‘love’ it because of its super fast paced life. Anyway, their terminal was huge! Imagine, 8 terminals? So again, we had to ride a train till we got to our assigned terminal, which looked pretty old. There weren’t so many stores to amuse me while I waited for our flight.


Finally on our flight to Seoul, I was able to breath and just relax.

 I liked our meal on that flight – cherry tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, beef with mashed potato, bread and butter, chocolate cake and guava juice.


For breakfast, I had the egg omelet with beans and steamed broccoli. We arrived at Seoul International Airport at around 6am so the place was deserted. Got board that I filled up a feedback form. Haha! But by 630am, the whole airport changed as people filled the hallways and store started to open up.   


Now on our flight to Manila, I had a light meal of porridge with ottogi rice flakes, yoghurt, pickled potato (I think it was potato) and pineapple.


I think 3 weeks was enough of a break for me but never enough time to be with my family, especially with my sister. But still, I am grateful that God provided me with so much resources to go on this epic vacation and that my bosses allowed me to go away during this time. I know I’ll be able to see and visit my sister again. That’s a certainty. And with my 10 year US visa, it’s just a matter of scheduling it. Thanks US for a fun vacation! =)  


What are your thoughts?

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