Review: K-Palette 24 Hour Eyebrow Pen vs Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper


I enjoy buying and using make-up as much as the next girl. But if there’s one part of the ‘make-up process’ that I hate, it would have to be the brows. I hate doing my eyebrows. Probably because I suck at it. Haha! Actually, for the longest time, I wouldn’t even do my eyebrows, thinking that mine was thick enough to pass as ok. I had it shaped before and just clean it up every now and then. But with the proliferation of Instagram brows (which I hate) and seeing how nice brows actually frame the face and help in making you look like a better version of you, I decided that I would give it more attention. And because I’m not good at having my brows on fleek, I need tools that would help me achieve a half decent brow without taking too much effort or time (I can’t believe Maxene Magalona takes 10 minutes to do her brows?!).

(Above photo not my own)

Here enters K-Palette 24 Hour Eyebrow Pen (Y1500 bought in Japan). Honestly, I couldn’t understand why people would buy such an expensive pen for the brows. This costs about P895 in Manila and for the longest time, I told myself that cheaper alternatives could achieve the same look. Finally, when we went to Japan last year, I gave in and bought my first K-Palette Eyebrow Pen, convincing myself that it’s better to buy in Japan where it was cheaper.

When I first used it – lining my brow with the liquid pen then filling and blending with the powder pen – all I could say was wow! It is such an awesome product that even a non-brow-pro like myself was able to achieve pretty brows, if I may say so myself. This is perfect for heavy-handed girls like me, because it dispenses a little product, thus not making your brows too dark. It’s so easy to use and not bulky to bring around. You can definitely do no wrong with this product! Dare I say, this is my HG brow pen!


On the other hand, as much as I love this pen, it is not sustainable. I can’t keep on buying this with its Manila price (frugal me) and it’s not like I go to Japan every year. Of course, I would definitely hoard this when I go to Japan but in the meantime, I needed an alternative, which can pass in terms of performance, price and availability. Here enters Maybelline’s Fashion Brow Duo Shaper. The two main reasons why I even tried this was 1) it was on sale for P199 from P299 and 2) it also had the powder pen, which made me think it might be like K-Palette. I also hate using different products to line and then fill it so this looked like a winner.


(Top swatches: Maybelline, bottom swatches: KPalette)

Upon trying it, for me it could definitely pass as my second go-to brow pen. It’s easy to use and I love how it’s 2-in-1, just like K-Palette. It doesn’t give me the soft brows as K-Palette on the first try but will definitely practice more. Not bad for the price! 

Totally recommend this for those looking for a budget-friendly brow pen (bought two more while on sale).


What are your thoughts?

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