Halo-halong Discoveries Part II


Papemelroti’s Super Adorable Postcards and Book Mark

Back when I was in college (or was it high school?), I remember going crazy with Papamelroti’s products. I’d buy their planner and note pads and give them away every Christmas. Then for some reason, I stopped going to their stores. Perhaps I compartmentalized them as a ‘wasteland’ where you buy products you don’t exactly need but are too cute to pass up. That is, until recently when I visited them and was reminded again of how awesome that place is. Aside from having really nice and cute products, they are also environmentally friendly with their recycling process. My recent discovery are these uber adorable (and huge – pen as scale) cat postcards (P15 each), teapot postcard (P10) and ‘Are you kitten me meow?’ book mark (P14). P54 well spent. Haha! I mean, who wouldn’t smile once seeing those cat postcards in their mailbox? I actually went back and bought another one – a black cat – for my friend. I cannot wait for my siblings, mom and friend to receive them!


Bazaars’ Cat Mat

It’s becoming obvious that I’m a certified cat lady huh? Haha! Bought this in World Trade Center’s Christmas Bazaar last year, I think for P100 or so. I didn’t need another mat but I bought it because it made me smile. And if something can make you smile, why not buy it?


Secure In Style: RFID Blocking Sleeve

RFID credit cards and passports are all the rage now in the Philippines, more so in other countries. It’s convenient to use since all you have to do is tap your card on the machine and your payment will be processed. However, with electronic developments come high-tech thieves as well. Google ‘RFID stealing’ and there’ll be a number of articles explaining it. So what’s a regular Joe like you and me supposed to do to protect ourselves from identity and credit card detail thieves? Aside from being vigilant, it won’t hurt to have a pack of RFID Blocking Sleeves on hand. Mine is from Secure In Style which my sister bought in the US for about $10, I think. As the word implies, the designs are so cute. You get 10 credit card sleeves and 2 passport sleeves. Can’t say if they are effective (since I haven’t activated my RFID credit card and have no plans of doing so just yet), but better safe than sorry, eh?


What are your thoughts?

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