Vacationista: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


My first work related trip this year is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (28 Feb-2 March). It’s been a few years since my last visit to KL but I don’t think much has changed. Plus the fact that I was there for a 2-day meeting so really I didn’t get to see whatever new attractions there were. Still, it feels good to be surrounded by foreign everything.

In one of the airport stalls upon arrival, found this super cute & funny sign. Now that’s how you do it!

Caught an uber for RM79.9 to our venue, InterContinental KL & had my MYR7 scoop-it-yourself meal at a nearby karinderya. Including the iced te tarik (is that correct?), my karinderya meal is so much better than my sad looking business class nasi lemak (left photo). I absolutely love global karinderyas! But on departure, the business lounge food was absolutely good (bottom photo). Look at my bowl of laksa! Yum! 

Was able to visit the small mall right across Intercon, callen Jalan Ampang Park, which had a lot of small restos, clothes shops and even a Guardian store, though I didn’t do a shopping haul like last time as I still have a lot of toiletries. I did, however, buy some stuff from the grocery store (as expected). I’m not really into Durian so really, coffee and milk tea was the next best thing to buy from Malaysia. 

Got me some Old Town coffee (MYR15 each), Brew Time Milk Tea (MYR11 each & so good!), Chips More chocolate chips (MYR10 I think each & so good!), some interesting looking snacks (MYR3 each), pita bread & coco jam, more instant coffee (MYR15) and a pack of rendang sauce. 

Upon arrival at NAIA1 back home, I was planning on getting an uber going to Jac Liner terminal in Taft. Then I noticed the Premium Ube Express Shuttle Bus at the exit. 

(Photo not my own)

So I decided to try it out as they told me they’ll stop by Jac Liner Terminal. Fare is P150 but the bus was oh-so-nice, clean and cool! It was about 5pm then so there was traffic but true enough, they did stop by Jac Liner, though if you are pressed for time, better get a private vehicle since the bus will have a lot of stops depending on their passengers’ destination. Otherwise, I highly recommend this Ube bus.

Best part of my trip? Was able to save about $500 of my work allowance, perfect for my upcoming vacation in Indonesia 🙂


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