Halo-halong Discoveries Part III


I love stumbling upon sale items (in moderation), because I don’t want to pay full price as much as possible. My finds include Uniqlo’s discounted flare jeans (P390– whut?!), another bra (hehe) and inner heat tech thermal wear for P390 (I think). So glad I got them in my size! 

Another sale I stumbled on was in Cotton On, a store I seldom buy from. Honestly, I only wanted to buy a shirt so I could get the cat and egg reusable bag for P200 (with any purchase), instead of the original price of P399. Haha! Cat lady strikes again! But I do adore the 3/4 sleeved shirt I picked. Sulit na for P200 as the cotton is sooo soft. Not many people know but I like weird designs like skulls, though I won’t wear this when my mom is around as she dislikes skulls. Lelz. Update: went to Cotton On Megamall branch the day after and found out the reusable bags were on sale at P120. I was cheated! Haha. Oh why did I have to go and check? Pangpalubag loob ko na lang that there was no cat design in Megamall branch. 

I saw this Gardenia Pocket Sandwich (P15) and was curious, because it was the same type of sandwich I found in Japan. Though Japan had more flavors including the weird noodles-in-the-sandwich, Gardenia only had peanut butter and chocolate. As you can see in the photo, you get what you pay for. Didn’t taste really good. 

If there’s one thing I like to do & consciously try to do is buy from our local sellers for local products. When I saw the poster for the DTI Sikat Pinoy Piling-piling Pagkain Food Fair at Megamall’s Megatrade Hall, I marked it on my mental calendar and made my way there during the first day. 

I bought my lunch there – bicol express with rice (P80) & an order of laing (P50) which were so good I forgot to take a photo. Then I boughtthe best  brownies I have ever tasted! Please buy Brownie Bites (P180 for a pack of 20) if you see them. I also bought RiMo chips (P10) and wooden saucers (P120 for 3) as a gift. Saw the same Acacia wooden saucers in SM department store for P299, more than twice the cost! Don’t but from SM, buy from the local seller instead. Other stuffs are bottled products like tuna, fresh smoked tinapa, organic veggies and meats, chips and pastries and dessert, turmeric powder and so much more. Please visit the trade fair until this sunday, 19 March. Tangkilikin natin ang sariling atin. 

Update: I went back and bought these Cassava Onion and Vinegar Crackers that was so good, it could pass as chicharon (P50) and my favorite mushroom sisig (P130), which really tastes like sisig. It’s also available in Robinson’s Supermarket. 

Lastly, guess the movie in this Royal soda barcode design? 😛


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