Family time is always the best


I always say that my family will always be my top priority. I believe in the saying that work (or even friends) won’t love you the way your family loves you. This is why I try to spend as much time as possible with my mom and siblings. 

This weekend, spent my lazy Saturday with my furry babies, also part of my family: 

Then Sunday was in Solaire, where my aunt was staying for a conference. Just look at the view from our room:

Then again at sunset:

Gorgeous! Both my brothers, my sis in law and my nephew visited us and it was a super fun chaos in our hotel room! My nephew is so fun to be around with as he is so smart and very sweet. Dinner was at Dampa, where we bought fresh seafood and had them cooked by the restaurant. 

Then back to the hotel for some more family time! So fun! So blessed! Thank You Lord for my family! I miss them already #Sepanx


What are your thoughts?

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