Upgrades in NAIA Terminal 3


I am using “upgrades” here very lightly. Any kind of improvement in Manila – however tiny and however late – is an upgrade for me. This includes having toilet paper in our airport restrooms (even though this should already be expected in all establishments) or having ample seats or having a good airconditioning system. 

So I discovered this water dispenser last year but was only able to test it this year during my recent trip to Indonesia. NAIA 3 has a water dispenser near the 2nd floor restrooms, near the restaurants. But once you go inside and clear immigration, there are no more water dispensers which sucks because that means you have to buy overly priced bottled water. Comparing to other airports abroad, they have lots of water dispensers everywhere. So good thing we now have this sole water dispenser found past Bo’s Coffee in NAIA 3’s international gates. All you have to do is bring your bottle and press the hot/cold water. Thing is, water isn’t really cold and after you fill up your bottle, the machine indicates that it’s already empty. Once this happens, just wait a few minutes and try again. So happy for this tiny upgrade. No more shelling out extra money for a service that should actually be included in airports.

Next is this kiddie playground, also found inside NAIA 3’s international gates. Finally kids have somewhere to stay and things to do instead of roaming the hallways of the airport. Haha. Best part is it’s free. 



What are your thoughts?

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