Vacationista: Holy Week in Bandung, Indonesia (Day 2)


Our call time on the second day was early at 0700am, which I didn’t mind since that meant we could arrive at our first destination of the day early, which was the Kawah Putih, the main reason I wanted to go to Indonesia, or at least, to Bandung. 

Breakfast at the Holiday Inn Bandung was so much better than Jakarta, lots of choices plus there was an egg station. Experts say your food should be colorful so here goes mine. Heavy breakfast for the day ahead! 

Asis picked us up and in about 2 hours –I slept through the drive – we arrived at the White Crater. Paid IDR50,000 per person and IDR150,000 for the car where you’ll be given a receipt to be shown at the top. Asis offered to also take us to the Glamping lakeside but I declined, since I saw in blogs that it’s just a simple lake. You may also opt not to take your car and instead ride the Angkutan, those orange mini jeepneys they have, for a cheaper price of IDR15,000 per person. For mom’s convenience, we decided to take our car, even though it was way more expensive. We passed by two tourist spots which I also didn’t include anymore in our tour: the strawberry farms – where you could go picking – and the Ciwadey Hot Springs.

At our destination, you’ll be greeted by an Indonesian playing local music. To reach the White Crater, you’ll have to walk down a number of steps so best to be careful. There were railings on the side so mom was able to walk down slowly. Before long, we could see a glimpse of the gorgeous crater.


Until finally we reached the bottom and the crater was so magical! It was so bluish white! Was hoping for some fog for more drama but it was a sunny morning so no chance for that.


I really couldn’t capture te beauty of the white crater. 

Nearing the water, you could see the yellow sulfur at the edge.


I really enjoyed going here as I absolutely find the Kawah Putih gorgeous. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates the amazing beauty of nature.


Going back down, we dropped by the small shops by the entrance, in case we found anything interesting to buy with our colorful Indonesian rupiah. We didn’t find anything. Haha. Some ladies were selling fresh strawberries though mom found them expensive, just like in Manila.


We did however stop by the ticket booth again since a seller was offering us really pretty batik inspired bags. We were able to choose the designs and paid only IDR350,000 for 20 bags. It was supposed to be IDR200,000 per 10 bags but we haggled. Haha. These are gonna be my Christmas gifts already!


We were right on track and didn’t need to hurry (since we didn’t pass by the strawberry farm or the hot springs) and went on towards our afternoon cultural show. But first, lunch along the way at Hedai Belacan, recommended by our driver. Interior had touches of Indonesian culture. The place was full so good thing we were able to find a spot.


Asis didn’t really join us in meals – as indicated in the tour package that driver’s meals were already covered – so it was only me and mom who shared the huge servings of a whole fish in sweet and sour sauce (IDR110,000), and chicken in spicy sauce made with local spices (IDR75,000) plus rice (IDR15,000). We washed it down with fresh mango juice (IDR20,000). We even had a doggy bag for dinner.


Saung Angklung Udjo was a few minutes nearby. Welcoming us was a huge group of bamboos, to my mom’s delight. Bought tickets at the counter for IDR110,000 per person, where we were given a synopsis brochure in English and our passes in the form of mini angklung necklaces. So cool!


Since we still had some time to spare before the start of the show, we went around the place and looked around their souvenir shop. 


A man was even playing an angklung inside.


Bought myself a mini Indonesian puppet magnet (IDR15,000) to add to the collection. 


Before long, we were able to go inside already where we were given free local ice cream – vanilla and chocolate – and some bottled water. I also liked their bricked restroom wall. Haha!


Right on schedule at 3:30pm, the show started. They only have one show per day so best to plan your itinerary around it, if you want to watch it, which I highly recommend. Cultural shows are always great. We did this too when we went to Thailand a few years’ back.


So as not to spoil your experience if ever you do decide to visit and watch, the one and a half show consists of different production numbers, as narrated by the host. This includes the live puppeteering, though this was in Bahasa so we didn’t understand a thing but it was amusing to watch the audience laugh. Then came the little children for a lot of different dancing. It’s amazing how these children – as young as the owner’s great granddaughter who was 2 years old! – trained so hard and so well for their production numbers. They must have been 50 in total!


Some of the dances were even based on the provinces.


My favorite would be when the kids gave the angklung to all audience members then Udjo’s great grandson became our conductor who taught us how to use the angklung. Each angklung had a different name and the conductor assigned different hand signals per name. So when he did the hand signal, the corresponding angklung had to be shaken. In the end, all audience members were able to make wonderful music together! One of the songs was even ‘I have a dream’ by Abba. Awesome!


Afterwards, the ‘real’ angklung orchestra played for us. The show ended with, of course, partying by all the audience members! Dance, dance, dance! So fun!


It was already dark when we headed to our next destination, the factory outlet called Rumah Mode, which again I read in lots of blogs. It’s like a mini shopping center with clothes, small items, local products and food.


Didn’t buy anything – found them quite expensive or I’m really just a cheapskate when it comes to clothes – except for this cute pudding drink (IDR16,800) and a chicken adobo-like viand wrapped in rice and banana leaf (IDR12,500) for our dinner.


We were exhausted from the whole day – mind you, traffic in Bandung is horrible – that we decided to rest and eat our take-away dinner at the hotel.


What are your thoughts?

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