Vacationista: Holy Week in Jakarta, Indonesia (Day 3)


We were supposed to be dropping by the shopping center called Pasar Baru Bandung but we decided to pass, we really didn’t need to do any shopping. We are such good tourists! Haha! Instead, I bought some snacks at the KCity convenience stores we passed by (amounting to IDR50,000). I also wanted to leave Bandung going to Jakarta as early as possible to avoid traffic. 

And we succeeded as it only took about 2 hours to get to the outskirts of Jakarta for our first destination of the day – Taman Mini Indonesia (TMI).

By the name itself, one might think this a museum of a miniature Indonesia. But it’s a mini Indonesia in the sense that it’s hectares of land with little versions of Indonesia in regular scale. Every region of Indonesia was represented. We paid the fee of IDR10,000 per pax and IDR10,000 for the car. So cheap! Couldn’t believe it.


What’s great about this place is that you can bring your own car and go to all the places in the comforts of your seat. You don’t even have to leave your car to see all of it. Of course, we went down on the few ones I found interesting but otherwise, we were perfectly fine just looking at the structures. Mom was especially happy since she didn’t need to walk. Haha!


The place is huge with a lake in the middle, a theme park for kids, museums and cable cars for you to see the whole place. Personally, I especially liked the Borobudur part – looking ancient and Tomb Raider-like. 

Next we headed to the National Monument and had a taste of Jakarta traffic. No fees there. Just like the Washington Monument, it’s a simple sphere in the middle of the city. To get there, you’ll go through stores selling clothes and small items and a strip of food stalls too. You could ride the free tram to get up close and personal with the monument but again, we declined and just looked at it from afar. So lazy!


We were more attracted to the shops around. Haha! Mom got interested in this pancake-like snack (IDR20,000) a man was selling nearby. He didn’t even had a stall – just two boxes filled with his ingredients and a small container filled with hot coal for cooking. He could carry all of these on his shoulders and leave immediately if needed. I didn’t like the pancake much but mom did. It was crunchy and savory.


We then decided to have lunch there while Asis was doing his noon prayer. There were lots of food stalls and tables and chairs so it wasn’t a problem. I, of course, chose some good ol’ chicken satay with peanut sauce and rice (IDR30,000). As mentioned, not all Indonesians speak good English so we had a game of guess-what-I’m-saying for a few minutes before they got my order correctly. The satay and sauce was so good!!!


Mom had some noodles with chicken balls and veggies. We also ordered a bottle of Tehbotol and avocado shake (all for IDR50,000).


We then quickly dropped by Masjid Istiqlal (Istiqlal Mosque) though I didn’t go inside anymore. Right across it was the Jakarta Cathedral, which is a Catholic church. I read somewhere that the two symbolizes the peaceful union of the two religions.


Asis then brought us to this Divisoria-like shopping center. It had about 4 floors filled with clothes, bags, shoes and other items. I really wasn’t in the mood for major shopping. But I did buy this henna stencil (IDR15,000) since I don’t think Manila has this plus we have a lot of henna tubes from India that I should use. I also bought matcha and durian ice cream in a bun (IDR10,000 each) though I didn’t like it too much so I only ate half of mine.


We were pooped by the time we finished. I think the combination of the heat and traffic really takes a toll on you. So we headed to our hotel – Holiday Inn Jakarta Pluit City Gate again – to check in and officially start our staycation! Haha! The reason I chose this hotel for our 2 days in Jakarta was because right below it was the Emporium Mall so it was easily accessible. I went to the mall and looked for some dinner and found some noodles and chicken rice meal (IDR61,000) at the food court (I love food courts!).


Also bought one cheese and Nutella crepe (IDR29,000) for dessert. I actually liked the savory and sweet combo of the two.  


Before long, we capped off the night and for the first time on this trip, didn’t set the alarm.


What are your thoughts?

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