Vacationista: Holy Week in Jakarta, Indonesia (Day 4 and departure)


Our staycation day! No alarms so we woke up late today, though late for me is 800am. Haha! Headed down for brunch at about 900am then went around the Emporium mall downstairs. The mall has a department store and lots of other brands like Face Shop, Etude House, Giordano, Bread Talk and lots of restaurants.
We just took our time going around and again, I didn’t buy anything though my mom bought this magnifying mirror with LED lights for easy make-up application. Bought late “international” lunch at the food court again, consisting of Chinese noodles (IDR45,000), Korean chicken (IDR33,000) and French fries (IDR12,000), though the staff misheard me because I initially wanted rice.


Lounged inside our hotel room, went back and forth the mall and also bought our dinner at Bread Talk (IDR24,000), and even saw this gorgeous green topped mosque.

Till finally we had to leave for our midnight flight. Took an uber again (IDR61,500) to Terminal 2 and checked-in. Bought some taro drink with my extra rupiah and walked around the airport which had so many stores. 

It was only tonight that I took photos of the airport since I had more time. I love how they integrate Indonesian art and culture in their airport, with the structure and the designs.


Our flight got delayed for an hour and had to change gates so we arrived in Manila at 600am. Rested a bit at home then back to work again. Though there were some bumps in our tour, lots of traffic and unbearable heat, I enjoyed my short stay in Indonesia. My next goals are Borobudur and Bali.  


What are your thoughts?

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